joke,Have the opportunity to visit an eternal emperor,Naturally, I won’t let these benefits go!

It’s normal to enter Daojun,But watching for eternity。。。That’s really just a glimmer of hope。
“look!”Black Armored Swordsman Finger,The middle of the valley,A square platform like jade slowly rises。
The center of the square,But it’s as dark as ink,Black jade with traces of blood color secret pattern。
This jade,Superficial,But faintly reveals a faintly warm energy like the sun。
“This is a specially refined one by the owner【Hundong Hao Shenshi】。”Said the black swordsman:“This sacred stone,Need to head to head,Only the strength of Daojun’s peak can be crushed。”
“This blood red secret pattern,It also uses a precious material【Dark Blood God Gold】Refining,Much harder than the god stone。But its material is refined by the owner,There are many flaws,It can be restrained by specific alchemy techniques。If you can be regarded as a master of alchemy in the world,The divine gold can be refined with that alchemy technique。”
“Between two materials,It is a kind of advanced formation restriction,《Prisoner Kong Xuan Formation》,You can also solve it by the way of formation,But the requirements for battle Dao are still higher than Dan Dao。”
The black armored swordsman said with a smile:“One step Daojun’s peak fighting strength,Alchemy or Array Master in the world,Three routes,Any one,Untie or destroy this sacred stone in three thousand years,Even if you succeed!”The black armored swordsman smiled:“Choose well,Waiting for you to untie,Or a period of three thousand years,We meet again。”
Stop talking,The black armored swordsman turned and left in this inheritance valley。
The moment it disappeared,That inexplicable spatial fluctuation shocked Li Ming’s heart。
but,Soon he will stop delving into the power of that space。
“A sense,But purely by force,Or formation,Or the way to crack it,Can break open on either side,Can be recognized by the ancestor of Tianqiong,Was accepted as a disciple。”
“but,In the eyes of the ancestor of Tianqiong,He is most inclined to disciples who are good at alchemy,Followed by formation,To break this stone with one’s own force,But the threshold is the highest。”
One-step Taoist threshold,Actually it is relatively easy to reach,After all, Li Ming already has such strength。
But it’s not so easy to reach the peak of Daojun。