Finished washing,The old lady stuffed the big treasure in Xia Jian’s arms and said:“Hold!I’ll warm up your breakfast,Our family have eaten,Sleep in by yourself”

“No need mom,Have lunch later,I have no appetite right now”
Xia Jian said,So he took the baby and went to the house。He found that only his father Xia Zecheng was teasing his two grandsons。Er Bao and San Bao sleep on each side separately,Xia Zecheng sat in the middle talking to them。The two little guys keep laughing,As if you can understand。
“dad!Why are you alone?”
Xia Jian did not see the old man and mother-in-law,He couldn’t help asking。
Xia Zecheng was talking to the two children,And said to Xia Jian:“New Year is coming,They take advantage of the good weather today,Went home to dry the quilt。Said it’s Chinese New Year this year,Seems like some relatives are coming”
“Oh!It’s the twelfth lunar month。Buy what you need at home,Don’t let spend money。Is there any money for you?,I let the finances go in”
Xia Jian said,I twisted my butt and sat on the edge of the kang。I didn’t expect that he just sat down,This Wang Bao grinned and burst into tears。Xia Jian panicked,Dabao stopped crying as soon as he stood up。Xia Jian feels strange,He tried to sit down,Dabao cried right away。
“This child is spoiled by your mother,Holding him, he must stand and walk around to be happy。So small,Too smart,I tried to lie to him a few times,Can’t fool”
Xia Zecheng said,Ben haha laughed,He seems to be happy when his grandson does this。
Sun Yuejuan came out of the kitchen,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Take Dabao to the village committee and go shopping,Where does this kid like the most,It seems that I will be a village official again in the future”
“Is this ok?It seems a bit cold outside”
Xia Jian asked worriedly。
Sun Yuejuan smiled and said:“Our child is not so expensive。When you go out,Put the corners of the quilt on his face,Don’t be blown by the wind。
Xia Jianyi listen,Just as mom said,Took Dabao to the village committee。The little guy’s face is covered,It turned out to be silent along the way,As if knowing where he is going。
Village committee member’s office,Ma Yan is sitting at the computer and staring at something with Mo Yan。Mo Yan looked up and saw Xia Jian holding her son,She greeted me immediately,He took Dabao from Xia Jian’s hands。
Ma Yan saw that Xia Jian and his son were here,Naturally very happy,She ran over to stay with Dabao,The little guy laughed happily。Dabao’s laughter,Make Mo Yan and Ma Yan laugh constantly。
At this time,Suddenly a chaotic sound of footsteps came,I saw Chen Gui staggering in。His spirit when he was a village cadre,Now it can be said that there is nothing in him。