“I advise you not to make trouble.,When are you now?,Are you a better divorce??

Everything is very happy to everyone,Why don’t you let go of this death??”
Men are also very angry,Mindy voice,Hate。
More and more people watching the lively,Gradually masked the sight of Blue Xin。
Blue Xin is thinking about it.,She doesn’t want to get in the ginger.,Think in mind,The actual action, but opened the door and left.。
Feet,Blue Xin has some regrets,But people have got off the bus.,I didn’t turn around.。
She stands in the place where people are。
“White West City,I am laughing for you for you.,Lost the ability to have children,But you not only don’t pity my efforts and you have experienced all kinds of difficulties.,Instead, find a small three,White West City,Are you worthy of me??
Zhang Xiao smiled loudly,Maybe because it is too angry,She trembles all people。
Jiang Jing is also more embarrassing with the words of Zhang Xiao.,Low head,Don’t look at anyone around。
Blue Xin looks at her.,The heart is not playing。
People this life,Live to the old,Learned,How can she learn not to go?。
Do business is cheated,Find a boyfriend to find a woman with a woman。
“so,Laugh,House car,I have given you anything.,I just want to be with Hao now.,I only have this wish now.,晗 晗 我 孩子 孩子 孩子,You will forget the former suspicion,Do you have a good time?,In this way, it will not solve the problem.。”
White West City,Tight the ginger in his arms,His action,Let Zhang Xiao smile and lack of pupils,The color of the look is more painful。
“White West City,Your ruthless mixed thing,Who don’t want to live?。”
Zhang Xiao smiled and tied to the extreme,Reach,I can’t prevent the ginger to pull out from the arms of the White West City.。
Jiang Jing is shocked。
Seeing that Jiang Jing is going to fall,And the White West is laughed again,He can only shout。
Everyone looked at the ginger that would fall in a heart.,Only look at,I have forgotten to reach out to help the ginger.。
Lan Xin did not know that it has arrived before,Looking at Jiang Jing, I fell toward myself.,She is against the conditional reach, hug ginger。
Too much impact,Blue Xin was quietly fell straight to the ground,Jiang Jing is because Blue Xin is holding her moment.,Power gets buffer。
Bluexin bottom,The whole person is seriously compressed by ginger.,I don’t know what I’m stamped.,Helping her and smashed a cold。
Jiang Jingzhen really wants to say“thanks”Two words,Lift,The pair is the pain of Blue Xin’s pain.。
“Jiang Jiang Lan Xin。”
Jiang Jing is a little messy and unbelievable looks at Blue Xin,I didn’t expect to meet her in this situation.。
Blue Xin feels that there is a viscous liquid flowing out.,And pain makes her face pale as paper。
She looked at Jiang Jing’s shocking expression,Teeth,“Nothing, you just get it.。”
Jiang Jing is pulled back by her voice.,Quickly get up from her,Watching dodge dares to see Blue Xin。
“Oops,girl,You bleed on your back。”
A big mother surprised out。
The White West City and Zhang Xiao Xiao Xiao, who have been pulling it, also stopped quickly.。
Looking at Blue Xin。
Two young girls supported Blue Xin,Blue Xin only feels that your meat is like pulling out from where。
At the moment she stands up,Blood spurting,“what”The girl behind her is shocked and jumped.。
“Oops,How to flow so much blood。”