Symbolic voice,Listening to a distinct moment can distinguish the painful emotions from each other’s voice,Using great perseverance in patience。
Yan Zhi took a few steps in the direction of the sound source,Realize this is the residence of Feng Xing,She suddenly understands that it may be the anti-champion of the stars.。
She speeds up the footsteps,I feel the faint demon in the air to the door.。
This is the deformity sign brought by strong demon attachment.。
Yan Fengxing has never been the spiritual force that will continue to rise.,Also restrain the rationality of the demon、Never succighter。
Yan Zhi put a device to block in the hospital,Can not block the demon,But can temporarily open a distance to prevent people from casually。
She pushes the door,Facked lock,Reling,She lifts the door directly.。
The wood crossbar behind the door is two trips.,Yan Zhi found a star star in the corner。
Everything in the house is intact,I didn’t think that the neutrality of the stars could not control the leader.。
裴 逢 星 缩 in the corner,Crouch in the dark and dark place,Survive strong demon,Bite blood red,Is a symbol of consciousness of the end of the collapse。
Yan Zhi shouted,Foot, is shocked by the great devil,The body is resistant to the body.,Is the intuitive fear of that power。
裴 裴 星 无 反。
Biting bite his teeth,Loop out of the binding of the long ready.。
Yan Fengxing looks weak and helpless,At this time, the conditions are reversed.『shoot』Avoid the binding,And there is no stagnation of 阮。
“You are awake!”
枝 发 发 没 天 天 锁 锁,It is no wonder that he is so embarrassed.。
She repeatedly defeated,I have to pull out the sword,Holding it would rather Waitao must also hurt the thoughts.,Jian Feng was cautiously wiped the arm。
The movement of Qi Feng Xing stopped,Maybe this moment of pain makes him recover some gods。
Yan Zhi swept the wound on his arm,I didn’t hesitate to throw it again.。
The rope will put on the body of the stars,枝 眼 手 手 手 地 地 地,At the same time, it is plugged in the mouth.,Don’t let him go out。
The outside of the house rang a short and inconspicuous micropile sound。
It’s like a sun that the ice is compared by the heavy object.。
Xiao Jo’s voice sounded,Excessive careful tight,Be in the enemy:“……Who is inside?”
Why is Xiao Jo??
Isn’t it drunk going back to sleep???
Yan Zhi suddenly realized,Xiao Yao’s voice listening to some excessive。
Fang Nai’s slight sound,It is a broken crack。
And Xiao Yao has now acceded the distance boundaries of her originally fixed.,I have already perceived this emissory demon。
“Who is inside?”