For Li Hui, praise yourself beautiful,Han Shanshan is naturally happy,She knows that this wood is in the same table.,Never lie。

“okay,Your kid can be,The university has not been completed in his hand.,How to earn?
Talk to the old squad leader,I am also with you.,A little smaller。”
Hear Han Shanshan’s ridicule,Li Hui Feng can’t help but smile:“It is a kind of apple to earn some money.,Then Shen Da Ge said to pay in installments.,I will top it with that person.,I didn’t expect to have a successful impulse.。”
Looking at Li Hui, I am a little embarrassed to see my own look.,Han Shanshan does not feel like it is going back to school times。
“You don’t have so much money,Dare to top,No wonder everyone says that honest people do something,It seems that you really can get big things.。”
“Forehead,I am not so honest now.。”
Li Hui Feng doesn’t know why,I will see the kind of uncomfortable thing that is very unfavorable from the beauty of the beautiful squad leader in the past.。
For Li Hui’s situation and Han Shanshan,Shen Tianzi is in the eyes with Xu Laifu。
Especially Xu Laifu,He feels that Li Fah is not born to hit the peach.,It seems that every woman is beautiful.,Not half of your home,But every woman is so enthusiastic about Li Hui Feng.。
This girl is obvious in his eyes is the kind of high.,Kindly girl,But for Li Hui, there is no feeling.,Instead, like a big sister to protect your brother.。
This makes Xu Jiafu feel that he has accelerated his family’s wife and Li Hui’s affairs.。
“You are not so honest now.?
Then do you dare to see me a few eyes??”
Han Shanshan heard Li Hui’s words,If you don’t think of school。
At that time, Li Hui Feng did not even see her.。
“That is not dare。”
Say,Li Xiangxue looked at Han Shanshan’s top,Beautiful face,眸 皓 皓,In the eyes, it seems to have a star.,That kind of attracting Li Hui, I can’t help but want to see a few eyes.。
Han Shanshan did not expect that Li Hui lived actually to look at her.,Can’t help but look at Li Hui’s eyes。
Deep, bright, dark night sky,People don’t know how far,How deep,But the little star inside is, but then people want to explore。
Especially Li Hui, look at her eyes, as before,No half an obsessed,There is no meaning,This is why she always likes to play the cause of Li’s wind.。
Shen Tian Si saw Li Hui Feng and Han Shanshan where he did not stare with each other.,Don’t feel some funny。
Thinking of the two ages are not big,I didn’t bother and immediately。
But Xu Laifu can’t help but,After all, Li Ping himself is very optimistic.,Such a good son-in-law is to give the wall,His heart, it is difficult for a long time.,Especially the girls of their own, he is also very clear, it is really like Li Hui.。
“Cough small plum,Can you take it out??”
Xu Laifu watched a view of Han Shanshan,Even if he is a old man,I have to admit that Han Shanshan is really beautiful.,That kind of beautiful,But more, but feel like a female magic。
But the temperament of this female magic is even more likely to conquer the desire.。
Being Xu Laifu,Li Hui is also reacting with Han Shanshan.。
“Hey-hey,Grandfather,Isn’t it possible??
ten years,One hundred or five million, I still can take it.。”
Seeing Li Hui Rong and Xu Lai Fu,Han Shanshan recalls the just’s scene,Do not feel a little hot,She is still the first time I can be attracted to the eyes of a boys.。
But she never thought that this boy is Li Hui.,After all, when I got school, I also remember clearly.,simple,Wooden,sincere Shen Tiansi looked at Han Shanshan to see the eyes of Li Hui,It’s also smiling and coming over.。