at the same time,Summer reach out,Caring for a falling spring knife,Anti-hand。

Cold light flashing。
The boy who was smashed on the wall,Not equal,This spring knife penetrates his right palm。
In addition to the cutting handle,The whole knife is wearing a palm of your hand.。
And the boy is also dead.!
I am like the wild beast,Blood is like a fountain。
All this happens between,Fast than just。
When everyone reacted,One of them is legally,And another person is stained in strong。
Screaming,Several bad girls see this shock scene,A mad scream。
And the rest of those boys,Also changed color,The pale face revealed unprecedented shock and turns。
Lubei is still sitting on the sofa,Also come back,Everything has stopped。
Even if he is arrogant,Also know that youth appeared in front of you,Absolutely a role。
He tried to make you look calm,But just said that two words have stopped。
Because I have never seen him in the summer.,Rating straight to square fragrance。
His eyelids are red,Full of blood。
Also filled with deep self-blame!
Fangxiang is also watching summer。
She feels familiar with each other.,Can full of tears,It is said to be 朦 朦。
Get closer and closer。
Also become more familiar。
Fangxiang is flustered,Ask the voice of a careful heart pain,“You are……Summer uncle??”
Summer uncle!
Hear this name,Despite the summer trick,But the heart is also like being knocked on a note.。
He didn’t speak。
Nodding hard。
“Really a summer uncle……Summer uncle!”
Fangxiang is like a huge force,No matter what to swear,呜呜 声 喊来。