This dog is intentionally squatting on the ground.……Go out!Now there is something wrong now,I didn’t have the same thing.。

“roll!Stinking rogue!”
Liu Qingqing has a bite,Ferred small female leopard,She doesn’t know what kind of emotion yourself.。
From the beginning of this dog,I have been suffering from yourself.。
I used to hold my thigh on the office.,Later, the bathroom was also seen,And today……This dog is simply not face.。
I thought of at the time.,This bastard is on the ground,Hold your legs,The head is surprised by a face……Liu Qingqing feels hot。
Her character,If you dare to do this?,I have already alarm,And will retaliate。
But she is very clear,Although you are ashamed,But never thought of breaking with summer。
even,I have now developed a habit。
If it is not coming back in the evening summer……She will not sleep。
Just thinking about her cranky,Summer surprised sound in the ear。
“Old willow,Are you sick?,Your face is red.,Redrop……”
“roll!damn thing!”Liu Qingqing, a river,Come to hide your emotions,After you finish,Stand up to the bedroom。
NS207chapter Ni
Next morning,Summer is coming to the Baihua Group。
For things last night,He did not invest too much energy。
Not cautious enough,But this thing is a little aura,There are also many places to pay attention to。
Last night,Thunder,Let him pay attention to Zhang Pingan’s trends。
Once the right to determine the opponent,He will be with you personally。
At the time,Everything is legally。
Just change the security uniform,Ready to go out to stroll,The mobile phone suddenly passed the urgent cockroach。
See the above number,Summer,After laughing。
When you press the button,Take a light tone,“Su Da President,Do you miss me??I will call me so early.。”
Calling is the deputy principal of Qinghai University,Suling。
“summer,I have something to find!”
Su Ling’s voice is very serious,After the end,Immediately open the door,“I want to ask you to participate in this exchange of activities in our school.。”
Summer also converges a smile,no answer。
In fact,See Su Ling,He has guess,Should be related to the exchange of Qinghai University。
But yesterday he is very clear and decided to refuse Yunno。
Make a reason,This communication activity,Not a big event,Not missing, you can’t convene it.。