Fang Na nodded,“understand,The livelier the better。”

Liu Yuan said,“Correct,This time is different from before,Account to go,Goods have to go。”
“Ok?Real transaction?”Fang Na was also surprised,She basically hasn’t done real transactions。
“Correct,Upright business,but,You can’t show up,The best thing is to let your college student Xiao Bailian do it。”Liu Yuan pointed her。
“How to do it,Real transaction,I don’t have what they need。”Fang Na looked at Liu Yuan suspiciously。
“Buy from this company。”Liu Yuan took out another contract。
“Don’t you pay??”Fang Na watched it carefully。
“Correct,No money,Only return goods,No account,So the money stays in the company,The operation is the same as before,You still have to do it yourself。”
“it is good。”Fang Na nodded and agreed,Picked up Zhao Qianqian’s photo again and looked at it,ask,“Her house is really broken?”
Liu Yuan takes a deep breath,nod,“Really,The boss is too cruel,Uprooted,Her family didn’t even leave money for living expenses,Bankruptcy,And her dad can only stay in prison。”
“So miserable?”Fang Na was too scared to breathe,The boss is so cruel。
“Correct,Her family is big,Will definitely cause a sensation,Someone will check,The goods we leave are hers,So be careful,He wants to eat the detained goods,She also has to eat the liquidated damages,This is a big game,The boss did it perfectly,Her family is dumb eating coptis,Can’t tell。”Liu Yuan told the story。
“it is good。”Fang Na doesn’t want to ask more,She knows,The less you know, the safer you are,No need to know more。
“This is a business worth hundreds of millions,You have this money,There is nothing you can’t do。”
Liu Yuan finished,Took out another photo from the bag,Fang Na took a look,Face changed,“Someone following me?”
“Correct,Boss doesn’t contact you,Just be careful,Even if you have an accident,I can’t find him。”