Chen Jiajun’s face,If you don’t say it, you will feel the cold wind.。

的 皮 肉 响 响,The face brutal pain came from the face。
The power of terror will fall out。
Counter-hand,狠 砸,Sudden blood,Cascade and thoroughly。
The two are like a dead dog, screaming on the ground.。
The people are not allowed to absorb cold air,Looking forward to the summer’s eyes full of complexity,Fear with a silk。
This guy is a big man.。
“Small hybrid,Do you know who I am?,I am a person in Yangcheng Chen.,You are dead,Dead。”
Chen Jiajun roaring,Fighting in the eyes。
Now now,They can only choose the way,Trying to drink summer。
“Go to Nima!”
Sudden,Summer cold drink,“Laozi is given to you today.,Go,Take your Laozi,Take all the forces behind you,All Tong is coming。”
Talk,Lift the foot,Screaming。
I have stopped for three minutes.。
“I will call Laozi now.,Call your mountains,Laozi is waiting in front of the hotel!”
After the end,Turn back。
Turn around,Has restored adult livestock,Walking to Yun Ino and Zhang Fengxian and other girls,“Let it go,We have dinner。”
The girls are in a rough。
It is too fast to change your face in summer.,It is difficult to adapt。
Fortun everyone is very familiar with each other,Soon recovery,Note the same emotions。
“President,Let together。”
“Yes, Su President,Go together。”
At the same time, Yunno and others have opened Yaqin Suiling.,Su Ling slightly,Under the context of a summer。
“Let it go,Go together。”Summer is also gentle。
Su Ling nodded,Follow with everyone to go forward。
On the way,Yunno and Zhang Fengxian although the active atmosphere,But from time to time, I am worried from time to time.。
Although these women who have not seen the world, although they can’t see their deep things.,But also know a little。
This matter is absolutely not finished!