The studio of Blue Qiqi is in the top floor,Very good design,Rotate the stairs,A large glass house,It is planted in a lot of wonderful flowers inside.,Particular beauty。

Han Yuxuan arrived,Looking at a whole floor is her studio,Very surprising,He directly arrived in the glass house of the top floor,It is a hundred flowers in the eye.,Flower’s visual shock。
Blue, white retro dress,Diamond necklace with white,Long hair uses two wooden prosthesis,End engraved exquisite pattern。
At this moment, she is sitting at the table.,Hand holding a tea cup,Running tea cup。
She is very beautiful, she is very beautiful.,Beautiful eyes are also very focused。
Han Yuxuan saw her outside for a long time.,She did not find,After the work in the hand is completed,She looked looked outside the window.,Only I saw Han Yuxuan。
She stunned,Pair,Her beautiful scorpion is full of stunning,And his dark eye is full of thoughts.,Burning enthusiasm,Let Lanthen’s heartbeat accelerated。
Bath him in the sun,Touching the body, such as jade, emitting a dazzling light。
“Han Yuxuan,How did you come??”Blue Qiqi slowly recovered his eyes,Feel some hot face,Then take the door to the door.。
Han Yuxuan looked quietly for a while,Sexy full lips overflow a shallow laugh。
“Come see you。”He said that he wrote a sentence.。
Lan Qi laughs and said:“Come in。”
Han Yuxuan will smell the faint floral,Look at the special treatment of flowers,Every one is very beautiful。
Huanghuosa,Immortal,Dawan,Longevity……Very variety of species,Color is carefully matched,Visual beauty。
“Really beautiful!”It’s just a flower.。
Han Yuxuan looked at the blue and laughing smile,The thoughts of the eyes are pouring this moment.。
Blue Qiqi did not pay attention to Han Yuxuan’s expression at this moment,But sweeping the flower grass in the glass room。“One grass here is all of my hand arranged.,I like this glass house.,Just “, my father is here when I choose the address.,I was very satisfied when I came to see.,It took a long time to make this here.
Look like。”
Blue Qiqi finished,With Han Yuxuan, I went to the wicker chair in the seating area.,A vine table is also placed in the middle,The above is glass,Parquet in a white butterfly blue,Very beautiful。
Han Yuxuan put her milk tea in front of her,“Kiki,Your favorite milk tea。”
Lan Qi smiled and said“Thank you!”
Then I took the milk tea and drunk a bite.。
The temperature is just right,It is also her favorite taste.。
“Yuxuan,Do you have anything to find me??”She smiled and asked,Finger rocks the edge of the cover。
This is her nervous performance,She has just ended the end of her, she didn’t know if she was in love.,But she can be sure,Her control,It was confused by Han Yuxuan’s appearance.。
Han Yuxuan looked quietly with her asked:“Can I come to you??”
“Can,Are we not friends??Why can’t you??”Lan Qi Qi said export,Suddenly thought of Mu Wei’s warning。
“Right,Is Mu Yao your fiancee??”A few days ago,Mu Wei’s aggressive tone she is still very angry now.,Although she did not let her own,But my heart is very uncomfortable.。
Ask the question,She also maintains an appropriate distance。
Han Yuxuan is for this matter,I didn’t think about how to open it yet.,I heard she suddenly asked a sentence.:“Right,Is Mu Yao your fiancee??”
From small to large,He likes her.,Be attached to her,Crazy。He smiled and shook his head.,“Not,Kiki,Mu Yu is not my unmarried wife,Not the woman I like,I am working with her.,Is to others,When I just got home,Have something to do,Her father is holding the handle,Billion
Businessman,Can’t suffer at a loss,The condition is this time that makes his daughter Mu Wei,After she kills,I have no relationship again.。”Han Yu Xuan’s word is clear and very clear and serious。
Lan Qiqi did not think that he would explain so clearly.。