Archbishop Vincennes,Long look forward to the church in Xley City,If I kill myself,Easy to reveal identity。But even so,Wright is just waiting for a chance,Wait for a chance to kill him without being exposed。

Illuminati,Wright clearly is not an opponent that can be faced in a short time,Even if I reach the limit of the sanctuary,I dare not say that the Holy See can truly be wiped out!But the huge Guangming Vatican will not run away,I don’t know my enemy at the moment,He has a long time to wait。
“grown ups!”A soldier came quickly,Wright recognized him as an ordinary soldier in his direct division,The strength is not bad。
“Lord Tiger sent a notice,Warcraft riots occurred in the fourth jurisdiction of the First Division。The highest appearing monster is the sixth level。”
“Oh!”Lai said that he knew,The highest monster is level six,This intensity of Warcraft riots can be easily dealt with by the first division alone.,Even if you are lucky, a soldier will not lose。
Like the riots of the eighth-level monsters Wright encountered last time,But very rare,Very threatening。
Wright turned and left the viewing platform,This level of Warcraft riots does not need to be mixed。
Time passes bit by bit,In a blink of an eye,Already Magnolia Calendar4570Summer of the year。
Seven years have passed,The lives of Wright and the people around him seem to have not changed much。
Wright’s own changes are not big,If nothing happens,Just stay and practice in your mansion,If something happens, I will fly to the South China Sea,Find some monsters to verify your moves。
His management of the corps commander is basically managed by the squad leader arranged before,In fact, he has not recognized the ten captains under his direct division。
But even so,His prestige in the legion is also very high。Every time there is a relatively strong Ocean Monster Riot,He will shoot once,Fight with the beasts。every time,It’s all blood flowing,The worst of the war,Wright killed three ninth-level beasts,To calm the riots。This time,The reduction of the second division is nearly 20%!
Of course in these seven years,Wright’s magic and fighting spirit have unknowingly improved by one level,Wright is now a real ninth-level fighter、Eighth-level magister。
The same perception of the law,Wright in flames、There are many improvements in the mystery of water。
As a defensive move【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】,Wright was heavily besieged while fighting Warcraft,Squeeze its own potential more,Deduced this trick to a very high level。
【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】The increase in defense has increased by at least three times。
And in terms of flame profundity,Make greater progress。
In the second half of Wright’s vindictiveness entering the ninth level,He went to sea,Stopped the pirates who led the pirates near the imperial coast‘Pirate King’。
The pirate king is average in the sanctuary,Even right‘Potential’Is also very shallow,But after all, he is also a strong sanctuary。