After the initial anger,He has gradually calm down。

“You will definitely do it on the spot.,If you kill the middle-aged person,You will fall into the robbery。”
Looking at him in summer,Very serious,“on the contrary,If you are not enemy that middle-aged people,People are justified,Whether you kill you or I waste you,Don’t take responsibility,At most is defense over-file,Bai Xu’s energy,Give him a bodyguard to find a replant and easy。”
Thunder is silent。
He knows that the summer is true.,And it is very likely to happen。
He has a sigh of relief,A group of fire,Nowhere vent。
“Boss,Iranian is also my sister,She went home in the age of 12.,I treat her as a kid.。”
Thunder red eyes,Gasp,“Last time,She is bullied,Boss you come out,So I endured,This time,I can’t bear it.!”
“Can’t bear it,At least temporarily endure。”
Summer shakes your head,Sound is not high,It is not to be suspicious,“I will handle this matter.,you need to know,Bai Xu Father,It’s easy for you.,But this matter,It is now put on the table.,It is no longer force to solve。”
Say,He took the shoulder of the thunder.,“But you can rest assured,I promise you that,I will give you this event.,Trust me。”
After listening to the summer,Thunder is somewhat not to nod。
He is not ancestral,Understand the powerful relationship。
Not surprisingly,About the hospital face incident spreads in the circle of Beijing。
The start of this matter,I have been paying attention。
Many people think,No matter what kind of origin and identity of the Qinghai Xiaobao,Facing the wind of white home,I will inevitably be disappeared。
But I didn’t expect it.,Actually dramatic reversal。
Bai Xu’s bodyguard,In front of Bai Xu, I was blocked on the spot.,White Xu is indifferent。
One in the circle,Argument,Inspire。
More some people add to the speculation,Rumor。
How do you don’t know inside?,There are several forces behind the back.,How many people are in shooting……
if we assume,The last time people only see the summer as Qinghai small overlord,Then this time,But people who have a bit of brains can see,His identity is absolutely not simple。
White house。
An old man full of anger,Take a heavy shot on the table。
The surface of the old man looks like a nostalgous look,Perhaps it is excellent for maintenance,There are not many wrinkles on your face.,But the depressed eyelid,True eyes,Let everyone present, everyone does not dare to look。
“Such thing,Why do I know now?!”
There are still more than a dozen white high-level high-rise in the hall.,Facing the old question,One is not asthmatic。
“Let Bai Xu return back!”
Elderly colored iron,Be all available,It’s like an old old lion,“Still don’t leave people?!evil creature!”
A middle-aged middle age of a body is slightly fat,“Although the third brother is doing some,But it is also true,You still don’t know,Zi him……Have been abolished。”
Don’t say it is fine,One said this,The old man is more angry,“What have you done in these years?!I don’t know if I don’t know?,I just lazy to say you.,But you have a big boss.,But the more live it.。”
“remember,Let Bai Xu come back alone,As for the truth of the white,Let him diesel!”
This sentence,There are all people in the field have changed colors.。