The words of the emperor spread throughout the temple.,This news announced that it caused a temple to boil,talk,I have watched the five major patriarchal panels to the Montera Temple.。

East,West Wanfo,Southern,North Tiandao four people look calm,Obviously you have known this in advance.,The four people look at Lin Feng,Lin Feng’s eyes also glanced at the four major palace。
The emperor on the gods waved,Suddenly calming the whole temple square,His voice continues to ring:“Five major palace ownership,I just want to see the result.,You can comment?”
“no comment!”
Lin Feng,Southern,East,North Tianda,Xiwan Buddha has stood up to respect respect。
“it is good,If you have no comments, let’s start.。”Emperor looks at the five people:“Also let me see what your five people have achieved。”
Lin Feng,Southern,East,North Tianda,The five people of West Wan Buddha have moved towards distant void.,The five people’s figure came to the empty space between 100,000 miles over the temple.,Suddenly disappeared from the many strong people in the temple。
Everyone is disappointing,This is a rare opportunity。
Just when everyone is disappointed,Emperor’s finger points to the sky,There is a huge water wave in the sky.,Water wave is flawless,Suddenly there have been a scene of 100,000 kilometers,Lin Feng and other five people stand in the Yunhai。
Lin Feng,East,Southern,North Tianda,Western Five directions of the five people stand in void。
“Allocate,How to fight?”South China Taoism。
“This thing Lin brothers speak,Lin Xion’s repair is the deepest。”West Wanfo looked at Lin Feng smile。
“Wan Buddha brother is polite,No joy,Tiandao brother,What opinions do you have??”Lin Fengwang is going to the east and the northern Tiandao。
“Just like the Buddha’s brother,Lin brutal。”East looks directly to Lin Feng Road。
“Lin brother!”North Tiantao to Lin Feng Road。
“it is good,Since this,I am respectable, it is better to live.,The owner of the temple let us decide to have a strongest person.,Lin Fengqi,Invite four people to shoot together!”Lin Feng carrying the opposite hand。
Tell this,Suddenly let the east,North Tianda,Southern,West Wanzhong god,They don’t want to do it in Lin Feng.。
At the same time, the watchman of the entire monster temple was also,Looking at Lin Feng shadow in the water curtain is full of curiosity,Lin Feng actually picks four。
This Lin Dynasty is really unbearable as the legend.?
“Ha ha!”
Suddenly there is a south, and the god is laughing.:“Lin Feng,You are too arrogant,You are really mad.,You think you are a god?”
“Lin brother is too high.!”East is calmly watching Lin Feng Road,How much is a little cold?。
“Lin brother,You really think that we are ordinary people who have passed the small goncurity.?”North Tiandao faintly glanced from Lin Feng Road。
“I naturally believe in the practice of four friends.,But I believe in my practice.,No joy,Tiandao brother,Wan Buddha brother,Sterile brother,I don’t know how my opinion?”Lin Feng looked at the four people。
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”
East looks at Lin Feng Road:“Lin brother insisted?”
“Insistence!”Lin Feng looked at the east:“If there is any opinion,You can start now.。”
His figure between talking is going to the east,Southern,North Tianda,The center of the four people where the West Wanfo is located。
“What are you??”East is no peace in the south,West Wanfo,North Tiandao。
“Humph,I have no opinions naturally,It is afraid that it is not careful.,The temple is fallen a vice temple。”The south is cold。
“I will try the strength of the brother.!”
The figure of Bei Tao is gone.,His breath is amazing,The whole person,It’s like a gods.。
His hand has a gun。
The fire is far away from Lin Feng。
The fire on the fire。
“Be awkward!”
A God rain from the sky,This God is like a god of the gods.,Direct injection into the fire。
The gun power in the North Tiandao is more powerful.,fear,Centered on his gun tip,Form a black hole。