He is a step late??

“Chairman,Lu Wei is an old fox,His son is even more。”Afu has never thought of this ending.。
“Humph!Who does the deer die??Walking three children,No, is there any wife, the wife, Blue Xin, is it??”
“It is said that,Lu Haocheng everything,It’s ready for his wife.。Hand hand washing hands,Worldwide net earning money,All is to give him a wife。”
“Since this,We will start from his wife.,I also want him to taste the taste of the people who live the favorite.。”
The voice of the LN is angry。
Just beginning to get more,He actually lost such a miserable。
Ha ha……
Do not,This just started.。
Lith is instantly overthrown cognition。Afu Road:“Chairman,I know what to do.,I will start with a chance.。”Catch a woman,Should not take the effort。
NS1555chapter:Don’t have a deep invitation
“Um!”Lith is nodded,Anger is half,“This thing is not in a hurry,First take this business first,We are slowly playing with Lu Haocheng。The Cha Group is finally the things in our pouch。”
Afuyi listened to this,Some worry:“Chairman,Lu Haocheng’s industry is too wide,I am afraid that I can’t digest it.。”
Some things are too urgent,Instead, it will be counterproductive。
Forced Lu Hao Chenggyu Jumping Wall,There is no benefit to Leafa。
“Humph!I can’t digest them in Lujia.?There are more industries involved in his name.,There are many industries involved in Lega.,His name,We have,One and them。”“ I checked it.,There is a Chinese entertainment under the name of the Lu.,Now by Mu Zihao,These years,This small company has slowly has improved,I have slowly cultivated a good star in these years.,You let Talent look
,If you have something, you will dig it.。 ”
“The field of clothing is not our strength,But you can do a lot of movements,Real estate,We have always been water like a fish.。”
Lith is here,Fright,Looked outside the window,“correct,Speaking of this real estate,I think of a person.。”
Afu Shen color,Open mouth:“Real estate tycoon Yi Tianqi??”
“good。”Lith,Come back and forth,Spirituality:“I haven’t banned this time.,Unfortunately。”“External rumor,He received a righteous woman,He after hundreds of years,Part of the property donated society,The rest of the daughter left,You check the whereabouts of his daughter,I didn’t marry one in my Lith.,There is always a suitable one.
Afu Yisheng,Laugh:“Chairman,This is better than the interests that Zhu’s marriage.。”
Lith is nodded,Based on a consideration。
Trade-off,Naturally Yi Niqi is more favorable。at the same time,Afu is a bit difficult:“Chairman,I heard that his daughter is very mysterious.,Never exposed in public,It’s just a revealing back a few years ago.,When the news a few years ago, I can’t find it.,Now put her daughter now
find out,It’s hard than the sky.,I also spent it.,Someone is looking for his daughter in secret,But there is never found。”
Lith is not far from afar.,“Others can’t find it does not mean that we can’t find it.,Our means and people will always be better than others.。”Hand talking,Exposed strong mall。
“Afu,Can you disappoint me this time?,Yijia’s righteous,Have to marry,I have to marry my Lijia’s son.,It is because of her worth,There will be so many people looking for her.,Can you let others get the best?。”
“Chairman,Afumin。”Afu nodded。
Lu Group!