Although this is the home of Xuan Yuxi,But as long as this chessboard exists,Here is your home.,Effectively eliminate all other tricks。

At this time, the security guard makes it up.:“Ask the two to turn the body,This is an security check according to the regulations.。”
Very surprised,Actually there will be this security link,It seems that it should be after the last martial arts dripper.,The chess circle pays more attention to this.。
Narita Junzhi and the original document are also in pairs.,It should also be checked for the whole house.,Confirm that there is no problem here,This is the fairness of the scene.。
However, these two people mix together every day.,Why always give people a feeling of purple purple??
Just thinking that this game will go smoothly,Kohuma is inexplicably feeling a chill。
What is bad in a bad sense?。
never mind,Not in chaos herefgNS。
Enter into puzzle,Come through a corridor to the living room,A dressful Xuan Yuxi,Already waiting for a long time。
“Very happy two arrivals,Under,I can’t wait to do it with two hands.。”Xuan Yuxi put the full bow to the rear,Get up,Two people in front of the eyes。
Maybe I still remember the hatred that took the picture at the middle.。
“Please come with me.,Visit my room for two。”Xuan Yuxi went back and came back,The ancient breeze is hidden in black and pressed knife。
It’s really black humor.。
Chapter 41 · What is the mother’s filial piety?
The black humor link of one morning is very fast,Under the leadership of Xuan Yuxi,Boarding and bamboo knife for forging is about to visit a circle。
Basically, he kicks a door in front.,Introduce a sentence,Then quickly draw,The process of introducing is such a simple rude。
People in the photography group have been with the not far behind them.,Record this kind of friendly link called cold violence。
Reason,Previously famous war,These are quite friendly,Title holder as the master,Generous generously puts the scenes in the house to your opponent,And passionately introduced each piece of collection,Every small object,Including the wedding photo of himself in the wedding room is also one of the introductions.。
But today’s cold base before the war,For the audience, it is also called a freshly stimulating experience.。
Boardi is always concerned around,Is there any strange display?,Well-known,But this kind of thing with the present,Will always have a weird phenomenon。
But I have been shopping for so long.,I really didn’t find something similar.。
Including the cherry tree in the garden,It has not yet ushered in the season,But it has been tenacious to grow buds,It also didn’t show it out.。
Not every tree will be like the exquisite trees in the peach flower.。
“This ancient house,Is there any historical background??”Corona is directly asked。
“no,Just the ordinary ancestral home,The ancestry and chess are not coherent。”Xuan Yuxi responded briefly。
“That servant,Have a holiday?”This round to bamboo knife forging。
“Only a small number of chefs used in the food cuisine,The rest of the room will be empty to everyone。”
The points here are not only a ratio of science and bamboo knife forging.,Also include event related personnel。
According to past conventions,If the holder at the time is just a small apartment,Is not to entertain these mixed people。
That’s a few words,Slightly open the situation,Can ask some questions free,No longer as stalemate like just now。
The latter shooting group also immediately excited,Maybe it is already in my heart?《Three groups finally broken down》title。
From indoors to outdoor,Wooden bridge from the courtyard to opposite warehouses,Then come back again.。
House is no problem。
The only problem,Only Xuan Yuxi is in my own。
The emblem of the inheritance of his body must be overflowed.,Always exist。
if it is like this,That’s good。
If there is something wrong,Have a consideration of a volume,Wait for the weather,If it is a human,Directly in the past。
Nothing is more simple than hammers.。
Now let go of the best,It is the symbol of Xuan Yuxi.。