“Ye Gongzi wants to say that he is not in the world.,Is it right?”

Ye Xiuen nodded。
Yu Wennan is Qi Qi Qi Yue Yuezi。
then,New Queen,Status is still unstable。
Former Royal History is integrity,Not sleepy,Just don’t,Deeply。
But the accident is always suddenly,One night,Yu Wen suddenly ignited a big fire,Unable to control
Almost all overnight,Yu Wen is completely disappeared in people’s sight
The emperor is big and thunder.,Ordered to make people thoroughly。
But there is no result,I can only have it.
Ye Lao will hear this news,Also secretly sorry for a long time。
Talking people,Always get angry。Although I don’t touch my next day
“You are sure that he is?”
“He is not dead,Why not let us know?”
“Because he dares!”
Su Yuqing said this sentence,I don’t know if I have a sympathy.。
Royal History,Yu Wennan is only a few years old scene.!
“What do you know??”
“That’s so much.!”
“Then how many foods you sold have given him?Why do he want this food??”
“About two years of 70% harvest!”
Ye Xunning surveyed the uncle,Nature know how many fields in his hand。
Su Yuqing roughly gave a number,I believe he can estimate it.。
“He didn’t say that you want this food.,Just say that it will not hurt the child!”
“Why do he come to you??”
“Just go to a grain shop to listen,Can you know the biggest food!It is not surprising to find us.?”
Su Yuqing gently blocked this way softly.。
“Do you not say only sell to retail??How”
Ye Xunning always feels not so simple。
But the Su family is like a face,Let him hunt。
“I will not be hurt.,I have a suitable price for him.,Again,He will not affect our own business,Why not do it!”
Su Yuqing,Take the Niu Niu completely picked out。
Ye Xunning’s face also emerged in an instant anger。