“die!”Perggetz is not willing,He waves,A touch of faint punches is successful in the void,This fist is like a gold day,Hit the homes,Boxing is getting smashed and shining。

The three strong people are completely united.,Extremely attacking this female zombie。
Female zombie,Double 道,The terrible breath is filled out from her body.,A piece of glamorous martial arts swept out。
Jin Taidi,Fire Yunlong,The three attacks of the Perggetts are all over the martial art.,Suddenly happened a dramatic explosion sound,The terrible martial arts power directly shocked the three strong people.,At this moment, these three people feel the power of this female zombie.。
It’s not a half-step, the strong, can resist,The horrible combat power has been chasing the Strong Square.,Already standing in this world’s peak。
No wonder that Longde is directly killed,It’s even more all over the army.。
“go,Life and death!”
Fire Yunlong screamed,His sturdy is a place to go to a place.。
“Mix!”Jin Taizi roared another direction.。
“Two bastards!”Perggetz also anger,Escape like a rabbit。
Female zombies directly chase the last Escaping Pergatez,Just in the distance, the sound of the rocket launch。
A rocket raised,This rocket is very horrible,Big a circle is more than a general rocket。
In dim light,Can see the tags above。
Shooting day!A shadow waving god bow shot to the sky big day!
NS374chapter volcanic eruptions
Shooting day!
good,It is shooting!
This rocket is just the rocket produced by Huaxia’s first military fireman Zulong Group.,Inside18.88Kilogram explosive,Carry the world’s most advanced target locking system,Powerful horror,This is the custom of P. P.。
There are more than a dozen rockets in foot,These shooting rockets rushed to the female zombie。
Female zombies seem to realize the crisis,She is soaring,Sound vibration,The figure is like the dragon, the same is constantly dodge,But these rocket bubbles are the same as the insects.,Follow。
A voicant explosion sound,Sudden the volcanic mouth is full of fire。
Suspected sound,Mountain stone vibration,Like the sky,Fire rushing,The power of horror makes the three strong people who escape.,Those who launched a rocket have been flies out by this horrible air wave.。
I want to know this is a dozen rockets.,Have a foot300Kilogram explosives,More than six times the time, the first Lin Feng fryed the magic,Even horror female zombies must be injured。
“Bang,Bang!”The sky is falling,Fire spread,Vacuum,Like the end of the world。
Just when the female zombie shadow was spread by the fire,A shadow into a lightning,Come to the surface of the grave,The owner of this shadow is not someone else,It is Lin Feng,Lin Feng’s mouth with a hint of blood,His face is pale。
Even if he is a distance from the center of the explosion,He is still hurt。
But what is it?!
So, Lin Feng took the opportunity at this moment.,This is a chance of a thousand years.,Miss this opportunity,I can’t have it again later.。
Millet,This is the case.,I am afraid that I will never have this opportunity again for more than 100 years.。
Lin Feng’s eyes,His tall figure is going,Directly reach a hand,A horrible power is shrouded above the Devil’s Knife,化 魔 神 刀 铮,The sound of the knife sounds continuously。
The next moment is directly rolled out,Flying in the palm of Lin Feng。
“Ha ha!”I don’t know why,at this moment,Lin Feng hand-held devil knife,There is a tyrant world,Singles of the world,He can’t help but laugh。
“clank!”The sound of the knife sounds continuously,Seems to be excited,Finally, you can see you.。