“What is joking?。”Lin Feng smiled:“Do you want me to rebuild??”

“roll!”Becue:“Neck maple,How did this lady come to meet you on the train?Who let you save me??”
“Who let you call my husband?,Since you shouted my husband,I am your man。”Lin Fengmei Tao:“How good,My rural student coming out,Actually holding a big star,More beautiful。”
“roll,You are bad。”Becue。
“Hey-hey,Do you want to find you at night?,sleep together?”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Dead Lin Feng,Ugly forest maple,Ignore you。”Becue。
“Kidding。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“I was serious,I may have to travel for a long time this time.,If you can’t help but give the cold and sound Yao?。”Bee Snowy serious way:“Men have been a long time in this way.。”
“Ha ha,I don’t dare.,One of the future hidden kings,A dark night,Can’t afford。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“All right,I don’t have a joke.。”
“Who is joking with you?。”Belle Road。
“I have to go to the morning tomorrow morning.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“How can I have this effort?。”
“Is your soul restored??”Bee Xueyin asked。
“How did you know?”Lin Feng asked。
“I have published a lot of pile on the International Times.,Can I not know??Chobby,Demon!”Bechang’s tone with a cold。
“I am nothing.?”Lin Feng Road:“All revive,I am not the Lord for a loss.,Do not worry,The days of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will become better and better,Huangquan’s ancestors is actually a cold of the cold.,Just now Huangquan Shang Yellow is coming,Has recently closed the cold as disciple,You can take over the emperor after the cold。”
“There is also this matter?”Bei Xueyin heard a surprise。
“necessary。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“So this girl is getting more and more arrogant.。”
“Flutter!”Bei Xueyin heard a smile:“I said how you are getting more and more daring.,All right,Give your phone to the cold and sound Yao,Our sisters talk well,By the way, let’s talk about a few words.。”
“Uh-huh!”Lin Feng nodded。
Immediately turn into the palace,Lin Feng directly gave the phone to the night cold,Night cleaning is busy,The two started a call in the phone.。
Lin Feng is sitting on the sofa。
“Go out。”Tao Yinyao smiled and came to Lin Feng’s side.:“We still have something to discuss。”
“What major things?”Lin Feng wondered the laugh。
“You don’t have to manage this.。”Tang Yinyao laughs:“I have already sent a text message to my big brother.,You go to the ancient city of Zhongzhou to find them.。”
“Ok!”Lin Feng smiled and nodded。
We immediately turned around,His figure came to the lakeside of the crescent lake,Pick up the mobile phone number of Ye Tian Cang,The voice of Ye Tiancang came from the phone:“Maple,whats the matter?”
“You help me locate the location of this mobile phone number。”Lin Feng immediately said a cyan mobile number。
It is the mobile phone number that Bei Xue Yin just calls.。
“it is good!”Ye Tian Congni nodded,I immediately hang up the phone。
Lin Feng’s phone is ringing,Lin Feng connected to the phone,The voice of Ye Tiancang came over there.:“Maple,This phone should be fake,It has been stopped for many years.,I think this call is a fake call.,Use some system to modify。”
“what?”Lin Feng wronned and frowned:“Grandfather,Can you find a phone call??Now is passing with Yao Yao,This is the phone of Yao Yao。”
“This is much simpler.。”Ye Tianchen wondered:“Hold on,One minute。”Ye Tian Cang hangs again.。
“Shedy!”Lin Feng looked at the void muttering,His fist is tight,No matter how he also brought Bei Xue Yin back。
Just when Lin Feng comes,Ye Tian Cang once again told this phone to be in the region in Southeast Asia,Should be on a island,The specific location can also be positioned directly through the global positioning system on the plane.。
“Old man,Arrange the plane right away to accompany me to this island。”Lin Feng hurriedly:“The sooner the better!”
“no problem!”Ye Tian Congni nodded。
Then, one of them flew from Xishan.,Standing in front of Lin Feng,Herone is Ye Tiancang,Ye Tian Cang looked at Lin Feng’s look:“What happened??”
“Looking for Snow Yin。”Lin Feng bites his teeth。
“it is good,Go to the airport now,go!”Ye Tianchen did not hesitate,He has a real concentrated cloud group under his feet.。