“fine,Let’s play slowly!”

The first thousand and eighty-nine chapters are not possible
Yin Deliang learned about this news,His whole person is already completely stupid.。
“This,how so?”
When Yin Diang is talking here,Those people around me came over。
In fact,These people’s hearts,For these things,It is more eager to express。
After all, I will follow it.,The speed of these things,It is completely unexpected.。
As for Yin Diangliang?,It is the same side.,His brow is slightly frowned。
“Do not,impossible。”
After all, now,These things happen too fast。
we can even say,It is not expected to be embarrassed。
So next,I plan to solve this matter.。
In fact, it is this,How to do it in the end。
In itself,In fact, these things,Insight, there should be this necessary to increase the effort to solve it.,This is the key。
At this time,Yin Diangliang is watching him,I can’t help but urgently。
“boss,Let’s now,What should I do??”
With the people around Yin Diang, I can’t help but say,The more now,In fact, Yin Diangliang looks like,It’s completely unsatisfactory.。
Although things have been,But here,Yin Diangliang,It is biting his teeth.。
“Humph,Since now,They have come,So let’s everyone,It’s time to go out.。”
“Start now,I want them to survive can’t die.!”
When Yin Diangliang said,This is the people around you,The more you look, the more excited。
As for saying so far,I plan to solve this matter.。
Light is this,What do you think,How do you feel very nor。
As for Yin Diang’s side,What about the rest,It’s more excited.。
“Boss said right,Since they have come,So big deal,Just out of them.。”
“interesting,all in all,Now,Let’s do everyone want to see it.,What can they do?。”
“Since now,They have already set up ideas to do this.,Then let them come over.。”
With those people around,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
Yin Diangliang at this time,It is a face look forward to。
“Old,You are,Despite the harmony。”
“Now I am now,It is very expected,Take the moment you kill you!”
With Yin Deliang’s words,Even for the current,Such a thing,What way is going to handle?。
In fact, in their eyes,Inversely, it is the root,Not feel,This is currently like this,What will it bring?。
And just this,At this time, Yin Diang’s escort,The more you look, the more weird。
Before,Not to say,I will come over and pack them.?
But now,When they waited for a while,But I didn’t feel anything.。
In fact, these,It looks now,Is the most passive place。
And just this,In fact, here,Yin Deliang looks at it,His face is more filled with 狰狞 狰狞。