“Who are you betting??”

“The name of the gambling god is not covered.,But Liu Shengzi and blood are not bad in the 少 少。”
“Yes,Obviously they also think that the 少 can win,This forest is just a gambling stone.,Real gambling is probably limited,And the people in the mainland,What alantive gambling can。”
“I also look at it.,More important you find that the glasses of the broth are not?”
“glasses?What special?”
“The rumors have developed a new technology,Bring this pair of glasses can perspective some things,Extremely mysterious!”
“impossible,How can I have a perspective glasses?,This impossible。”
“Nothing is impossible,Modern technology is very developed,I have heard of this glasses.,It seems to be a relatively smuggling,But it is enough for the master.。”
“real or fake?”
“Absolutely true,You have seen the blood and Liu Sheng Daguo, the two big men, I have a little less.。”
“wipe,We also bet less,But for insurance,Still bet1Billion dollars。”
A group of people have gone down,Betted in the sky, the sky is here.,The money in the sky is more and more money.,Soon these onlookers have reached168Billion dollars,Some people even bet directly20Billion dollars。
other1Billion dollars,2Billion dollars……10100 million US dollars。
However, there are very fews of Lin Maple.,Even the bets that were finally injected, the bets were also transferred to the junky.。
Bechang and night cold worried look at Lin Feng,Two people are ready to note Lin Feng support,However, Lin Feng blocked。
“Not。”Lin Feng looked at a group of people around:“Allocate,Who is betting??No bet,We can open it here.。”
“open it,No one will bet on your side again.。”
“Yes,open it,Gambling, you gambling very cattle,Unfortunately, gambling and gambling are both.。”
“good,open it。”
The crowded people,Especially those who bets,These people feel that they seem to win.,After all, this situation is one side.。
Liu Sheng Dagui and the bloody emitting two people show a wonderful victory in the color,20Billion dollar bills on their level,Not a small number。
After all, they are not like black and white hands.,Hong Hai, etc.,Although they are far from the rivers and lakes.,People such as Dongxing, etc.,But the realism of wealth,It’s not much more than they.。
“This beauty,You start。”The daily day is very gentleman watching Bei Xueyao:“There is no real fluctuation on you.,More impossible。”
“Lin Feng?”Bei Xueyin watched Xia Lin Feng。
“Start,Vertical picks up the dice。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“You are my wife,I must bring me good luck.。”
Bei Xueyin heard whispered Lin Feng,She stands up,Reach out and carefully take the top of the scorpion,And then gently pick up,Suddenly a dice presented in front of everyone。
at this moment,All people are shocked,Liu Shengzuo and the bloody face suddenly have a gloomy,Two people have almost rushing to smash this scorpion.,Those who bets are more faceful,There are a few people shake up.。
“impossible,Mingming is less than winning!”
“This is impossible.,Obvious little is the latest technology,Why is it lost?。”
“Be sure!”
Many bets are pale,After retreat,Especially the one suddenly20Billion dollars,It’s even more blood.,20Billion dollars,This is not a small number,This is a huge wealth,They thought that they can earn a lot of pens.。
But the defeated。
“Gambling, it’s a gambling,It seems that no one can’t shake his status.!”