Different warriors with other war temples,Shen Xuan finally,Not feel,What is so excited。

after all,Originally, Ten Jiu-stable things。
Moreover,Even if I really get it now.,Is this still obvious thing??
“Shen Xuan,This action,Can I participate in it??”
This,Shenxuan’s face,Anguo is somewhat nervous。
All before all,He has always been held here.。
Now Shen Xuan suddenly tells him this news.。
Reverse is let Agua,Some can’t get defense。
But here,Shen Xuan is worthy of,It is very calm。
“Be right,This is of course。”
“Moreover,some things,You should also participate in it.。”
Jinling,Shen Xuan does not plan for a long time。
so,Waiting for this,All handled。
Shen Xuan still leaves。
So at that time,Who is needed to take over?。
Candidate,In fact, it is very simple.。
That is the alight around you.。
In fact, these,Shen Xuan has long been in the first time.,I have already thought of this.。
Now look at it now,Currently these things,Can only say it looks,More successful。
Anguo looks,Like a musician,This move for Shen Xuan,Nothing。
Even,Agua is a shot of your chest,Very vowed to say。
“Shen Xuan,You just don’t worry.。”
“Current things,I will give it to me.。”
When Aguang said directly to Shen Xuan。
obviously,In fact, it looks at Anguo.,For the current thing,His heart,Still it is quite excited。
This,With the export of Agua。
no doubt,Current things,The next step is going to start from what is started.。
actually,Agua is very expected。
And Shen Xuan,Probably looked at it。
Woody, press this,There is no problem.。
So next,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,It’s more and more。
“Well,Now,start to act!”