Maybe this sound wokes Beninde,Beihai,Liu Wei three people,The three people are flustered from the living room.。

“what sound?”Liu Wei heard the words。
“have no idea。”Benin panic。
“I went to see,I installed the camera,There is no breathing fluctuations here.,Shooting。”Bei Phafer busy into your bedroom。
Directly opened the computer,The scene just now appeared on the computer,He looked at this scene shocked,Face with ecstasy:“mom,dad,You come over,is her,she is back。”
Beninde and Liu Wei two people heard the earthquake,The two of the two rushed into the room of Beihai.。
“Where?”Liu Wei is busy asking。
“Click on the sea!”Benin also panicked。
“it’s here!”Beihai pointed to the computer:“This has a black airflow,This is the magic,There is a hazy figure inside the magic.,Absolutely a sister,She also flashed on white light。”
“is her,Snow and Yin!”Liu Wei is looking at this familiar figure and excited.。
“Snow and Yin,Snow and Yin!”Ben Ning looks at this familiar figure and excited。
“I am looking for her.!”Liu Wei looks at the figure on the computer,Her figure rushed out directly,Just when I just came out two steps, I was intercepted by Beihai.。
“mom,You are not used by him now.,Her speed is very fast,This will I am afraid that it is already outside.。”Bei Phase busy:“Looking for Xiao Feng,Xiaofeng!”
Benhai directly grabbed mobile phone,Dial the phone of Lin Feng,In an instant call, Lin Feng’s voice came.:“Sea brother,whats the matter?”
“Maple,Siri is coming,Shedy……coming。”Bei Phase busy:“You come over。”
“Shedy?she’s back?”Lin Feng heard the voice。
“came back,You come alive。”Bei Phase busy。
“Don’t talk first,I have passed。”Lin Feng didn’t hang up the phone directly.。
“Is Xiaofen??”Liu Wei is busy asking。
“coming,She?”Just when Liu Wei fell,A voice came from outside the door,Lin Feng’s figure came in。
“No.,We are seen from the computer,Maple,You come。”Beihai hurriedly pointed to the computer。
“Let me see。”Lin Feng’s figure overturned,In fact, Bei Xueyin is coming over with him.,But Lin Feng wants to come back to Belle.。
“it’s here。”Beihai pointed to the computer。
Lin Feng watched the picture on the computer,Backward:“is her,what,What is the white light on her??”
“I don’t know this.,It seems that there is white light,Shu Yin is very painful,Maple,Is this white light??”Beninde is busy asking。
NS997chapter Good and evil
“White light?”Lin Feng heard the meditation。
“Maple,Is it harm to her??”Liu Wei people can’t help but ask。
“mom,This is not harmed。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Really didn’t harm,Her state is much better than before.,Human hearts have two nature,Good and evil,The darkness of her body represents evil,Dark side,And white light represents the opposite side。”
For Liu Wei and Beninde,Lin Feng has long treated it as a parent.,Therefore, I said that Lin Feng has already changed.。
“Maple,Do you mean that her thoughts are struggling between evil and kindness??”Ben Ning suddenly asked。
“dad,good。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“She is now struggling,But you are best not to meet,I am worried that there will be an accident.。”
“Uh-huh!”Liu Wei nodded。