“good,Leave a certain initiative to master in our hands。”Lin Feng sorrows:“Waiting for our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce to grow up,Take it to the stick,Of course they have to pay the price。”

“Then you don’t have to sell this,Lin Feng,There is no trace of uncle.,They only leave the Torear gloves,others。”Tang Yao Yao is gentle to watch Lin Feng Road。
“Silly girl,I can’t sell the color gift of my woman.。”Lin Feng directly interrupted Tiyin Yao’s words laughing:“Moreover,I can’t say it, I can take it back this time.。”
“husband,Do you still have to rob?”Becue Yinmei white Lin Feng glance:“You are addicted now.!”
“What is addicted??”Lin Feng went to pinch the beautiful face of Bei Xueyin:“My name is the founding of the base,understand?The stick, the gods, this time, selling a lightning knife is to catch us.,Want to count me,Will pay a price,Can take back,I will give them two kinds of magic sodes in the future.,Can exchange greater interests。”
“So, no matter what you are,I have to sell the magic karm.。”Tang Yao reminded:“The only worry is how you cut off?If they dispatched a master this time??”
“This is also one of the contents of my and hell trading.,It must be investigated,True a horrible guy,Can only give up the handsome。”Lin Feng does not matter:“Don’t give these things,There are many opportunities in the future.。”
“Ok,See the situation。”Belle,Tiyin Yao,Night Qing Han three women nodded。
“In addition to these,Also looking for opportunities to put a piece of chess in the stick of gods。”Lin Feng is cold:“Prepare,In the future, the beginning of the Royal Treasure can play a decisive role.。”
“Be unplan。”T6 Yinyao:“The big gold forces in the world,I am almost impossible to get to the other side.,Even,It will also be discovered,At the end of the Tang, although the escape island,But he can’t escape.,Big brother has already shot。”
“Your big brother?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。
“All of the clan,Age is one year older than me,He is the first of my Tang family real Tianjiao.,The future homeland is probably his.。”Tang Yinyao laughs:“His name is Tang Bihu,He is almost like a dreamy to enter a half-step,But this time he got a news from home, he went to a dangerous temper.,In the life and death, it will enter a new realm.。”
“Heaven?Tang Bihu?”Lin Feng heard the lack of surprise,Then sigh:“sharp,Gold level great forces are gold level great forces。”
Big one year older than Yao Yao,Already very young,Talent is terrible。
“Other big gold forces are the same,Basically like Tang family has a four or five steps of the strong,However, the four or five half-steps will have a leader of the people.,Who will lead one step,Who can inherit a big bit?。”Bei Xue Yin smiled and explained。
“Why is this?I remember that there was no shortage of uncle.,God Machine Uncle is not too late than the uncle uncle,Why is the later gap increasingly?”Lin Feng looked at Tang Yao Road,Some is a half-step,Some is the situation of the sky,And Tang no trace but half-pointed,And condensed out of the god!
The gap in this is probably not just talent.。
NS578chapter plan
“This is actually not a secret,Because the inheritance of the human rights is relatively large,For example, each gold family or forces,Have resources in the peak of the pyramid,This source of resources is of course inheriting a big one to enjoy alone.。”Tiyin Yao explained:“same,The leader of this leader can inherit the big position,There must also be a certain blow to other geniuses.,And he himself has fierce,Plus more powerful talents,This distance is getting bigger and bigger.。”
“indeed so。”Lin Fengnao smiled and nodded。
“Of course, it does not rule out the later people.,For example, he does not necessarily now.。”Tao Yinyao smiles:“Unfortunately, I can’t fight for a girl.,Mono is also the same,Monoluo has almost 30% of grasp the hustle,It’s just that she is destined to have a job.,So not urgent。”
“I believe this。”Lin Feng appreciates:“include,you,Shedy,The cold is destined to exceed them。”
“And you?”Bei Xue Yin laughs。
“I?I am more powerful.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“As for the day when the stick gods, there is a long time.,It is also very simple。”
“How to say?”Tiyin Yao,Belle,Night Qing three women heard the words。
“My blood。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“According to the explanation above,The higher my repair,The stronger blood,For example, enhance a level,Blood essentially improves a level,I need a few ten days before the feeding of the sky.,And what I only raised now,Time required to shorten three times,Every way to improve a realm,The speed of the feeding will be shortened three times。”
“You mean to become zombies,Then when the zombie is raised?”Bei Xueyin heard the surprises。
“This is very harm to your own source.。”Tang Yin Yao Yingmei Wrinkled:“And you look at Jiang Fishing Village even if the body of the body is removed.,But and normal people still can’t be better than,They see them at a glance。”
“This is another secret that involves the law of corpus.。”Lin Fengboxao:“There is no trace, tell me the secret of Yuan God.,I also finally understood some of the annotations behind the ministers.,That is, if the breeder is condensed out of the god,It is fully able to restore this zombie to the normal human point.,And this time this person was absolutely controlled by the breeders.!”
“Absolute control?”I have a three girr as a result.。
“More than the Miao,Nine turn, the magic Dan controls it, but also。”Lin Feng quiet explanation:“And I only step into this realm,I will show up with the stick of gods.。”
“You are too embarrassed.。”Tang Yao Yao’s heart。
“Don’t you say that people who die?,You can turn him into zombies,Then use the corpse method to restore it before?Is this not equal to resurrection??”Bechang Sudden。
“If there is a day, you can’t use normal means to treat it.,I can only use this way.,Just zombie is zombie,She will never be a mother like normal people.。”Lin Feng’s lament:“And according to the record,Zombie does not enter the reincarnation。”
“maple,do not want。”Night Qing Dynasty:“Does she have a long time??”