You are not Yu Yu,What opinions do you have?,It’s time to get you have opinion??

“Turkic princess is a hull,But dare to love hate,Truth,Unfortunately。”
A middle-aged man who dresses a western region and said。
“It is said that,The two countries have to be with pro,Emperor is to marry another Turkic Princess,I don’t know what is long.,How is the sex?。”
And the man at the same table, I said.。
This kind of non-oil salt,It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it.,Everyone care is the chapter of the review.xxplot,How is the dry wood?,How is the fierce。
I can’t wait。
“Hey,You don’t know.,I have come from the Western Region of the Turki Wang Ting.,I heard a very interesting thing.。”
This table has been eating vegetables,Young man who doesn’t talk for a long time,Suddenly, I said a sentence.。
Suddenly,The other two people’s gossip begins to burn,Come to the head,The people who dressed in the Western Region depressed:“Brothers,how do I say this?”
“Turkic Princess A Shiza,Not dead at all!She felt that marry Qi King did not identify,Then secretly returned to the grassland。result,Wooden pole sweat is anger,Not only stunned her,and”
This young man reveals the expression of 暧昧,Slowly:“And I have to marry her in Chang’an Palace.。”
This news,It’s too strong.!
As a lively, you are not afraid of something big.,Everyone is, the bigger is, the greater the better.,Anyway,Not your own bird!
Hang,bring it on,Happily!
“So you said,Is it not the king of His Temple?,People passing through a piece of clothes?”
Friends,Women like clothes,Brothers, two people wear a dress,This is very savvy this。
Three people are exposed“Men know”Wandering smile,A lot of words,Don’t say so much,Know all,Is not it。Play a child,Playing brothers and sisters,Darkly, how do you get your own?。
But what to explode,That is absolutely spurred by the society at this time.。
Don’t laugh, the baby is ruthless,At this time, even the custom of fresh polar people.,The younger brother is also scandal.,Confucianism,Exploding it is absolutely drinking a pot。
So the good things of high ocean indecent dollar,It will only arouse a lot of waves at the time.。
And the queen of Yu,Actually the Qi Wang,How to see this,How is some face??
Mo Feiyu will eat chess in the future,Then come to a sentence:Your wife is very good?
“Turkic sweat,Some are too much.,Will the emperor accept??”
One of the three people asked some of them。
Know that it is a pit,Don’t I jump directly??I can“return the goods”what!
“Estimate,People are still that person,But the name will change it.,Anyway, it is not called A Shiza Yuz.。As for a long image,That can only say,Turkic beauty is a bit,Is not it?”
The youth who just speaking means a deep long laugh.:“As long as the wooden pole can be sweatless,The one in Chang’an Palace does not recognize,Yes or no,What is the relationship??”
Right!I never thought about it.?
Other two people suddenly realize,That is like。Two countries and pro,It’s just a political symbol。Don’t say that the wooden pole is sweating“second hand”come over,Even if you send a man,Yu Hao has to pinch the nose hard to say that person is a woman.,Greeten!
With this layer and relative relationship,So,Turkic sweat can openly interfere with the political situation of Zhou Country.,For example,Help daughter export,What。
certainly,If Yu Hao is working well,Let the Turkieman be a one or two times,Not impossible。
These three people speak very much,Plus when they talk,The commentary is actually finished.。The content of a sudden change is very awkward.,Refers to people next to him to hear only words。
Three people have checked out,Look,They are not a person,It’s just that it encounters in the restaurant.。
Puchaxia City House,Have to stay a beard,The completion of the face is a letter from Qi State.,The left hand is kneading the fingertips,Pinch the pain。
This letter is Gao Bao,Letter,Gao Caoyamat told Yu Xian,Turkic Princess A Shina Tuzi wants to return to hear,Then,After she finished her child,I left Qi.,The person who is captured by the wooden pole.。
Her daughter,Now raise the Qi Wangfu,If you want to go back to your child,Nothing,Waiting for the child a little longer a little more,Too little, is not suitable for hard work.。