Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Two Fit with legend
Those two can’t help but say,I caught the instructor from left to right,Put on the headgear again,The branches are also put back into his hands。
During this process, the instructor did not try to resist,Although the opponent is fierce,But there is no obvious hostility towards him,The dazzling tricks of the Zhang family made him more and more confused,Also more interesting,From‘Blood shadow’To‘Dragon Club’,Now there is another‘Tianzhenwei’?This home is really going to turn the sky over。
“Escort carefully all the way。”The masked man urged and never heard again。
“Just now that person claimed‘Tianzhenwei’,I don’t know if the two are also one of them?”The instructor is no longer in danger,Just let go,Started to tease the two people around。
“Yes,It was our Fu leader just now。”Unexpectedly, these two people didn’t pretend to be deaf as they imagined,There are questions and answers。
Command?This title seems to be a bit old,Instructor Anxi,“Then this‘Tianzhenwei’What is it?What does it have to do with the Zhang family?”
“Backing??I don’t know this clearly,Anyway, Zhang Jiazai,we‘Tianzhenwei’at,The patriarch who has guarded the Zhang family for generations。”
The instructor prefers,Accidentally dug out a big one,What is the guardian of generations?Means‘Tianzhenwei’As long as the Zhang family’s history,Follow the Zhang family from the generation in the same picture,It can even be said to be the elite of the Huangqi soldiers brought by the same picture from the capital.。
“In the mountain yard just now,The people around Mr. Zhang are you‘Tianzhenwei’Colleague?”
“This one……”The talkative person just got stuck,There should be something unspeakable,Don’t know how to answer。
“Some are,Some are not。”Another person interrupted。
“Oh?What do you say?”
“We really don’t know,It’s complicated anyway,The leader will come to you to make it clear。”This person has better brains than the previous one,Know something to extrapolate,But the overall impression given to the instructors is that these two are actually quite simple,Chat more,I can’t tell you a lot of things。