“I want you to pay me back!”

Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“Favor is not calculated like this。”
“I will help you deal with Guo Jing,I have paid your personal love。Now we don’t owe each other!”
Zhang Haibao is furious,Clasp your hands,Vibrant veins on the forehead,Chen Xiu also noticed that he looked bad,Stepped back,Retreated into the Seven-Star Big Dipper Formation。
Stronger than Guo Jing entering the Beidou formation is still half suppressed,This is the reason why Chen Xiugan and Zhang Haibao shared directly。
“Lao Zhang,Don’t get angry,I’ll talk to him。”
“it is good!”
After Zhang Haibao took a few breaths,Hold back anger,Step aside。
Zhu Huiwei is standing on the edge of the formation,Tan Shou said:“Chen Xiu,You don’t have to warn me。”
“You should know me,I have never been malicious to you。”
“You come out,Let’s talk。”
Chen Xiu smiled:“I can rest assured of you!”
He said that he glanced at Zhang Haibao behind Zhu Huiwei and said:“I don’t trust Lao Zhang!”
Zhang Haibao snorted to Chen Xiu,There is even more anger in the eyes。
“That line,Let’s talk about it like this。”
Zhu Huiwei asked directly, sitting cross-legged beside the formation:“Why don’t you cooperate with us?”
“Why should i work with you?”Chen Xiu asked。
“Your exorcism has not been your mission to destroy zombies for thousands of years!”