just,Others are very contemptuous。

They are all tens of thousands of gold collars a month。
Fang Yu and them,Is out of place!
First73chapter You really want me to say?
“They don’t seem to welcome me!”
Fang Yu sees Suo Mu’s appearance,Indifferently。
“Today i have a treat……Not get in the way!”
Suo Mu patted Xiao Yu on the shoulder,Smiled。
Fang Yu saved their family,How could it be ordinary people。
“So Shao,Your taste is bad!Such a person can be your friend……”
Finished at Somo,A cute girl sneered。
“Peach!I know what you mean……But I want to make friends,Need you to tell me!You idiots!”
Suomu Displeased Road。
If you only look at the surface,Fang Yu is not too special。
but,Fang Yu is really good!
I can’t make them sick,Let Fang Yu treat。
“Don’t be angry……I still like you!”