“Even the scientific tolerance of the life,Large strength to strengthen the strength of Ninja”

Spring is excited。
He is close to his,Thoroughly transform the endurance。
“Oh,That specific direction,I am very curious about your thoughts.”The big snake will be interested in。
“For example,,We can directly cure runes,As long as the Ninja is injected into Chakra, you can directly use the sealing and printing.,Split,Let several Ninja cooperate with each other”Quan Yi wants to say。
“Oh,This is similar to the seal reel we use,It is not difficult to do it.”Big Snake Pill。
“Other aspects,Can release all kinds of sterilization equipment,I don’t say this.,You can also think”Spring said。
“Then this is this”Springs have a small sword。
Then get bigger rapid,Flight around Spring。
“You make this?This is afraid that it is not true.”Big Snake Pill。
The magical of the sword, he is seen.,Want to use scientific tolerance,Impossible。
“How is it impossible?,The floating method of the sky is in the city of the sky,As long as the export of jet Chakra can make swords”Spring smiles。
“But Chakra,It is the case of Chakra metals and can’t reserve Chekra.,There is also a problem in terms of control”Big Snake Pill。
His original grass sword,That is, this,Now I have changed my face by Spring.。
He didn’t recognize it.。
This sword is also very slow.,Not flexible。
“Bordered,Let’s put a branching into,This is not enough Chakra.,More flexible control,If Chakra is enough,It is also possible to use swords.”
The sword around Spring is divided into a moment.。
“Oh,I didn’t expect this.,This can be done if you cut the seal seeds.”The big snake pill is bright。
“And we can also add other runes on it.,For example, routing,Thunder,Enhance power”
“Ok, Ok,Spring, you think about this.,Be a good fighting art”
“Still more,Yu Jian flying heard that there is no,Let the flying sword take people directly”
Spring and big snake pills excited,Big snake pills have been interested in research,And Spring also give him a reliable idea。
Hui Night and Yu Village,They don’t understand why they are so excited.,It seems that it is useless to them.。
“This is only used to excessive,After that, the flying sword can be changed to change the future.,Add yin and yang,Not only can I remotely pass Chakra,Can also absorb natural energy”
“And rune,Can also be replaced with great power,More complex,More features,Equivalent to a special branch,Still strengthen”
This is the first flying sword that Spring has been adapted.。
Big snake pill is also nod,He considers that it is not to get it.。
However, he has no future will now.,Can design a primary version of play。
Such a genius idea,Even the big snake pill has to admire。
Spring is also very satisfied,This is directly changing the way of fighting.,Develop in the direction he imagined。
“This is not used”Hui Night said faintly。
“This is not necessarily.,Flying sword is more sharp,Flight distance is also farther,If I have five flying swords,And use them to make a seal?”
“That is。。。。”Spring smile is a bit meaningful。
Hui night eye。
She understands the idea of Spring。
“Even limit the seal inventions of time and space,You can seal the time and space directly”Spring smiles。
Big snake pill eyes bright,If so,That catching the arrested wood family is easier。