Sujia others said that they are still in the state of being,How suddenly I started to tell the contract.?

There is also just that the gods and Zhou Master negotiated is really their own family.(grandson)NS?Usually, it is not awkward,It’s a big truth today.?
“We believe that the woodwire cabinet!”
The woodwood cabinet holds a pen hand and shakes it.,I also bring my high hat to myself.!Is this afraid that he and the east?!Does the east are missing?!
His selfish thought that up to forty or two,So when he wrote one hundred and twenty two,The heart trembles two trembling,Unbelievable looked at your own home。
I saw that the east is not in the first。
Lin’s hand is in the blood,I really want to feel the one hundred in front of it.。This is approaching the turnover of this restaurant half a month.!Half a month!
Do you not be right?,I want to swear, I’m a question.。Just buy such a monk flower so much money??It’s hard to make this patrio.?Lin’s handset is not dead。
“All right,Sign, paper!”
Zhou Master took three big words on the writing of Pen Dragon Fei Feng Dance.——Zhou Huixing,Then press your own handprint。
Niu Niu took a look,I didn’t expect this person.,The word is still written.,Still。
I can listen to the voice of Niu Niu, Zhou Master.,Virgin。From small to big,Take a word of arrogance,Actually, I had to evaluate it.。
Nor isn’t he written?,Just, Niu Niu, the world, very like calligraphy。And when you want to see what the title is not,Yan Buli willow bone, Zhao Zhao,Both calligraphy everyone。
So even if the Niu Niu writes the messy,But this appreciation is quite high.!
The turn to Su Yuqing,He is only calm and prescribed.。
“I won’t write,But you can rest assured,I will definitely recognize this contract.。”
The woodwind is simply awkward.,You don’t know what you said earlier.。So, I don’t know one less or two words.,Think of that one hundred and twenty two herself is like a knife。
But I can only think about it.,This businessman,The reputation is still there。And I really change my own conscience.。
And he can only think about it.,When he wrote a contract, the Niu Niu stared tightly.。
“All right,This contract also signed。I can tell your secret recipe now.!This shopkeeper is not outstanding。”
Zhou Master took the contract to dry,A copy of yourself,The other gives Su Yuqing。
“Boy,Let’s spend it.,You should be more clear。”
“After the fresh bamboo shoots are peeled, they are put in the brine.。”
The whole room is quiet after Huan’s,Atmosphere is somewhat subtle。
Looking at Zhou Master and the smile of the woodwood cabinet is solidified on the face,Niu Niu felt that his big brother is too much.。Anyway, there is no relationship with yourself.,Top more compensation!
“This is fine.!”
“Yup!This will be fine.,Is not it simple。”
This unintentional knife is tiered.。Niu Niu looked at his mother,Fae,Should not deliberately make up this post。
I have not moved my hands and feet.,Look at this situation,Obviously it is pitted.。And this simple square,Why have you found no one for so many years?,Lin’s handset caught in deep self-suspicion。
“Woodwind,Give the money to them,Send them out。”