Lin Dami is just silently looking at her.。

Take care of the grandmother:“then,It is your husband and wife look at the foreign companies.,Only foreign industries,Handlers move abroad,Also don’t care about your father’s discourse。”
“Gu’s Group in China,Leave your younger brother,these years,Xi Hong’s company gradually became strong with the help of the two people,Your foreign industry is slowly not falling ,Your heart is not balanced.,It is because your business is not good.,Now deposits shorten on day and night。”
“As for memory and memorization,I have been abroad for many years,I have given them two people in my name.,One point is not brought back。”
“Domestic property,Don’t give us half of the two people ,If it is fair,So,Take the memory and memorized,Let their brothers and sisters are half a half,This is more fair。”
Dong Qingman,I didn’t expect my mother-in-law.。
“But……But she is already very rich.,Her girl married,Who of the family of returning?”Dong Qingman language is a bit full of white。
Blue Xin’s face is ugly。
Lu Haocheng also looked over her eyes.。
“Dong Qingman,Are you so ugly??”Lin Demon can’t help but。
Originally, she always felt the loss of her daughter.,Now she says her daughter,She is in an instant.。
“Did I say it wrong??”Dong Qingman can’t find other reasons。
Can only be an article on Blue Xin。
“Ha ha.”Lin Mengyi can’t help but laugh:“I want to marry.,She also married her mother in the future.,So you said,Your daughter can,Can my daughter have to have??”
It’s not 40 years old.,Have been at home,Always show and her daughter,I don’t know where she is coming.?
“Two,How can you say this??Is it the same??She is married to me more than me.。”Gu Yi couldn’t help but。
“Oh!Right,She is married, you are embarrassed.,I have forgotten it.,You haven’t married it almost 40 yet.?”Lin Deman is also tangled,Others don’t give her face,She can tell people to death。
“Two,You are personal attack。”Gu Yi is embarrassed。
Gu’s grandmother, he grabbed the forest dream.:“This is a fact。”
“grandmother。”Gu Yi bites the lower lips,Almost crying。
Li Shuzhen looked at Gu Yi, silently,This is a spoiled princess。
Gu Yi gave her an appealing eye,Let her don’t care。
Gu Yi Lin is a rest of Shen Jiaqi back to the house.,She is now pregnant women,Cannot be tired。
Gu Yimei looked at everyone,Finally falling on Dong Qingman:“okay,Don’t make trouble,You have a trouble, I,Your daughter is still not married yet.,Because I have no bites in your heart.?”
“I said that,do not talk,have lunch,My old woman is still alive,This is fair here.,Everyone knows that,You have taken fat in the year.,Now looking at people’s lean meat and fat meat, red sick。”
NS2036chapter Every family has its cupboard
Dong Qingman anger,The face is all gone.,In front of the men who have not seen,Her face was wiped two nets by her mother-in-law。
“Mother,You can’t say so ugly.,When you need us, I will live for more than ten years.,When you don’t need us,You will leave directly,Then give most of the property to the three people,You said that the difference between the two people in their brothers and sisters is more than their brothers and sisters.,Where many?”
Take care of your grandmother,Full face angry,How can this world be a person who doesn’t want his face?。
“Snapped……”She took the table hard。
Gu Xihong and Lan Xin are nervously look at her.。