“you……You can’t kill me!”

She is single hand,Strong painting,A mouth of mouth,“When I am going down the mountain,Many people in the mountains know that I will come to you to find a revenge.,If you dare to kill me,By the time……More than our Qingcheng Mountain,It is not to let you go throughout the mountain.。”
Human realm!
That is a peak she can’t touch.,Also let her become a realm of despair。
Seeing the summer continues to come,She will take a step back,Improve sound,“Although you are high,But you can’t kill innocent,Moreover, the west of the Tiand is outside,There is also Wang Ming from the Three Education League.,He is still dead yet……”
Your grandmother legs!
Wang Ming squinted on the ground,At this moment, I greet Lin Luo Yin’s eight generations of ancestors.。
Although he is seriously injured,But under the blood body,Be unfamiliar。
Just now Jiang Luo Shen’s words listen in the ear,After learning the summer identity,Wang Ming is shocked and shocked,The intestines have repented。
I want to dress a dead time,I didn’t expect Lin Luo Yin to do a block.。
Lin Lulin doesn’t understand how summer is one person.。
That is a killer,Even people who are all scared。
“Finish?Let’s die.!”
For those who touch their bottom line,Summer never pays,Will not shake due to any reason。
A hit,It’s like a stuff-up。
Torn torn sound in the air。
Lin Luo is screaming,Arms shake,Shaping,Left hide left,Barely resist,boom 碰 音 不。
But after a few seconds,She continued to go back,The chest has been tied to a punch,Scene pain makes her mouth horn,Pentastan。
“气 body?”
Summer legs,It’s like a warhead,“Give me break!”
Lin Luo Yin flying half air,Wow,Vomiting blood,Not waiting for her land,Bump,A strong five finger,It’s been buckled her neck.。
Graduate and blur,Lin Luo, I feel that I am going to die.,Life has this feeling for the first time。
“you can not……”A sentence is not falling,Pork,Her head is like casually falling off.。
NS776chapter Kill
Lin Luo’s death。
Not only her,Also included two men who followed。
Besides,There is also Wang Ming from the Three Education Universities.。
He was shocked by the summer palm.。
“In fact, you don’t need to kill him.。”
Jiang Luo Shen is deeply sighing,But also know,Summer is doing this,In fact, I don’t want to take her even tired.。
Summer identity is not important,Jiang Luo Shen’s identity is not important,The important thing is the relationship between summer and Jiangluo。
Once Wang Ming lives,I will inevitably spread out。
It doesn’t matter in summer.,Can Jiang Luo Shen will definitely fall into huge trouble。
The killing of the nine big hegens is closely related to the West of Tiand……Just this matter,If it is incoming in some people’s ear,Definitely set off huge waves。
“This matter is originally not related to you.。”Summer laughing,Subsequently looking at her,There is a few complexity between the look,“You shouldn’t come。”