Zhu Minglang was no one else around,So I always use Zhu Xuehen as a reference,I want to surpass her one day。

But every level of improvement,Zhu Minglang feels that Zhu Xuehen’s cultivation has also risen a level。
Now too。
He is also considered half a king-level dragon shepherd,Insight far beyond ordinary practitioners,Look again at Zhu Xuehen’s cultivation time,She really improved again……
of course,This is not too strange。
After all, it’s impossible to be the only one making progress in this world。
I wish Xuehen stepped into the king class,That will happen sooner or later。
“King。”Zhu Minglang said。7ask
“Then do you think this world,How many people can beat me?”Zhu Xuehen then asked。
“This one……Aunt,Although the king is very powerful,But as far as I know, the major sects、There are some old monsters in all major clans who are powerful kings,Looking at this polar continent,There should not be a minority of people at the Wang level,Besides, Auntie should still be a king or inferior,Meet the middle and top kings,I’m afraid it’s hard to deal with。”Zhu Minglang said honestly。
“Thousands of people can beat me,But up to three years,Only less than ten people can beat me。”Zhu Xuehen gave Zhu Minglang an extremely confident answer。
Zhu Minglang looked at this young and cold aunt,There are waves in my heart。
Worthy of being my master。
This crazy,same!
“I believe aunt can do it。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
“They can do it too。”At this moment,Zhu Xuehen suddenly turned to Yufeng。
“they?”Zhu Minglang was taken aback。
“Lai Yunzi、Nan Lingsha。”Zhu Xuehen said their names,Light narrative,“Some talent,Born with,They and I are the same kind of people,But also very dangerous。”