Xia Jian was serious when seeing Old Xiao,He thought for a moment,that’s true!Anyway, he and Fang Fang are in the car,Empty is empty,Why not bring Xiao Hei,Let it go out to relax。

“it is good!Little black,Go to the countryside with me”Xia Jiangang finished。
Xiao Hei rushed out the door like an arrow,Make old Xiao laugh,He smiled and said:“did you see it,This guy’s heart is already wild,It’s just that no one takes him out to play”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Take Xiao Hei first this time,When Xiping Village is almost completed,I’ll take you there,Let you see where we are”
Old Xiao listened,Nodded,Smile like a flower。
First0115chapter Win
All the way,Meal Wind Drink Dew,Before lunch the next day,Xia Jian appeared in Xiping Village。
Ouyang Hong saw that Xia Jian came so quickly,Of course happy,She smiled and said:“Just be fine if you come,There are so many things waiting for you,Do you want to see the changes in Xicunping,Let’s talk”
Xia Jian is about to speak,Fang Fang rushed to say with a tired look:“Mayor Ouyang,You were Zhou Papi in your last life?Drove all night,Even if not sleepy,Tired too,Hungry too!Do you want President Xia to rest??”
Xiao Hei by the side,As if I understood“Barking”Call twice。
Ouyang Hong laughed a little embarrassedly:“Fang Fang is right,It’s time for President Xia to rest,Or else this dog should have an opinion too“Everyone is laughing,Very lively for a while。
When Xia Jian brought Fang Fang back home,Sun Yuejuan just came back from the ground,Preparing to cook,When I saw my son came back,She’s broken happily,Ask long and short,Kept asking。
“Jianer,Why are you two??The fat guy who came last time,What other black guy,Why didn’t you come this time?There are more places to live at home now,These five new houses,Your dad made all the guest rooms,We found a craftsman in town,The decoration is not worse than in your city”Sun Yuejuan saw that there were fewer people coming this time,Just ask Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian looking at the new house,Replied:“The company has other things,So they didn’t come”
Fang Fang opened the uppermost room,Looked at and said:“aunt!I live in this room,Look at the quilt on the bed I have covered before,So don’t grab it”
This seems to be for Xia Jian,But Xia Jian deliberately pretended not to hear,He thought,This woman really doesn’t treat herself as an outsider,Do you still want to live forever?。