“So you are because of the dragon,Ancestral craftsmanship?”

“You have to understand,I can’t help it。”I wish Minglang helpless。
“alright,For the dragon, for the dragon。”The angler sat back。
He beckoned towards the lake,Like someone on the lake。
I saw a peaceful lake,Like a wild goose, walking lightly across the water,A heroic woman in a black brocade fell on the lakeshore,The whole figure is like a piece of ice and water……
Woman in black brocade does not say a word,Just keep half kneeling,No other extra emotions can be seen on the cheeks。
“Originally, I asked Qin Yang to chop off the hands and feet of the little beast,And save his life to change your uncle and auntie’s identity,But since you have said that in the mourning hall,There is no need to do it on my side。”Zhu Tianguan said。
“It turns out that my father has made arrangements,I thought I hadn’t seen my father’s bones become looser。”Zhu Minglang barely smiled。
To get justice for Zhu Tong,I’m worthy of Zhu Yushan and Bai Xin。
“some things,It’s better for you to deal with it than I do secretly。”Zhu Tianguan said。
The forces secretly compete,It’s normal to have friction and grudges,But there are some unwritten rules。
I wish Tianguan would make a move,Killed Hao Shaocong,It’s hard to protect some of Zi Zonglin’s seniors,To kill some juniors in Zhumen。
“this matter,They are for you?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Half is,They want to irritate me,Threw a Hao Shaocong and Hao Yong,So that I can deal with them,This is equivalent to breaking the rules first,Zi Zonglin will be able to unscrupulously suppress and bully our young children from Zhumen。”Zhu Tianguan said。
“You know the stakes,I still plan to let Qin Yang do it?”Zhu Minglang said。
“They play their abacus,I vent my anger,There will be similar things in the future,I do the same。”I wish Tianguan a cold snort。