“I have not joked.。”

Meng Jiang’s face still hangs a light smile,“This world is like this,What do you want to get?,What must I pay?,Mr. Xia,What choice are you??”
A light is concentrated in the summer。
I saw the color in summer.,Cold channel,“Climbing a circle around you,Is this not a dog??”
Not waiting for Mengjiang opening,The cold expression immediately replaced the color of charming,Smile,“But Meng Shao wants to speak.,If I climb a circle,Really give me 500,000?”
Seeing that his expression change is so fast,Everyone is some uncomfortable。
I have seen it.,Haven’t seen such a don’t have face yet。
I really climb it.?
Meng Jiang also stunned,But he quickly reacted,The face is revealing the smile,“So many people look at,I am Meng Jiang naturally speaking calculation。”
He is acknowledged in his heart.。
Last this group of yourself,I thought the other party is a character.。
I didn’t expect or a dog!。
But this is better,Just dare to climb in summer,He will give money without hesitation.。
And everyone knows,Afterwards,Summer is a dog around him。
This is not the most important。
The Yu Guang, who is angled, sneaked with Liu Qingqing next to him.。
Flashing in the eyes。
This woman is really a good thing.。
Since I saw it in the painting and calligraphy store,His heart can’t stop。
Think here,He said again,“Mr. Xia,Hurry and make a decision.,Everyone is watching.。”
“Good,I climbed。”
Summer does not have some noddion。
A piece of presence。
Meng Jiang’s face smiles more。
Just in the summer, one sentence,But let Meng Jiang are not cold。
“I can climb,But didn’t climb。”
Summer dark scorpions looked in Mengjiang,“Meng Shao can not demonstrate first。How to climb?”
First1580Chapter Wang Wang Wang
When the summer said this sentence,Everyone is stunned around。
Especially your face is still a smile like a dog legs like a dog.……This makes everyone some don’t believe in your ears.。
Let Mengjiang demonstration?
This guy is teased.。