“I have encountered those memorands.,I have never used a means,After all, they have all soldiers are born.,I will give them a decent death method.。”

Summer gaze each other,“So I ask you the last time,Who sent you?,Say you know you。”
Youth smile,Extremely grievances,“If you have any means?,I have to call a pain,Is your grandson!”
“very good。”
Summer nodded,Touching the wallet from the arms,Twist three silver needles,Pierce,Made four silver needles again。
Take more than ten minutes,Summer leaves the sky。
Night color,His face is cold to the extreme,I still have a murder after murder in my scorpion.。
How long does it take for youth?,Summer also got an answer。
Just this answer makes him surprises。
The youth is actually Qin Yu Tian sent to kill himself.,Confused sight,张 伟。
If it is just like this,Not so that summer is so angry。
Youth under rushing,Telling the past。
He is a military commander with a bright future.,Whole is calculated,In the end, it is a very evil soldier.。
This guarantee country,But it is a murder machine,Regardless of men and women,Is there innocent,Just command,Let’s let it kill!
for a long time。
Summer spit out a sentence。
“Qinjia,Qin Haotian!Qin Yujun!”
The killing of the heart is stupid,Summer is a good half of the half。
He quickly came to the nearby alley,A off-road vehicle stopped there early。
Summer walks,Open the door into the back seat。
“summer,You are not hurt.。”
Car rear seat,Liu Qingqing and Qinling are really tone,At the same time, sweep it on the summer.。
Even if the two women have encountered more than one crisis,Can afford five gunners before,Still make them pale,worrying and nervous。
“I am fine.。”
Summer mild smile,Thunder in front of sitting in front of the driving position,“Send them safely to home……By the way, tell me Zhang Weiye’s address。”
Second half,Not directly said,Instead, a sound line falls in the ear of the Thunder.。
“it is good。”
Thunder nodded。
Summer road,“Is it brought??”
“Brought it。”
Say,Thunder pick up a small toolbox from the coiled position,Hand over,“All in it。”
Summer nodded,Take the toolbox,Open。
Inside is some broken and paint and gypsum and hair。
“summer,Where are you going?”
Liu Qingqing is to see the unusual meaning of it.,Qinling is also looking at the face。
“I am going to do something.。”
The god of Liu Qingqing becomes complicated,But not open,But light,“be safe。”