Lin Feng wrote a little uncomfortable,But still nod agree。

“follow me。”
Lin Tong leads up to get into the right side of the guard government,There are many gates on the right side.,Every door is a small courtyard,Lin Tong collected Lin Feng into a courtyard。
Very spacious in the garden。
Pavilion,The building of the land has a stone table,There are more than a dozen altars in the center of the stone table.。
“Here is your hospital in the guard government。”Lin Dynasty:“There is a guard dress inside the bedroom,Go to Yunluo, Yunluo tomorrow.,remember,Wearing neat。”He turned around between speaking.。
“Lin Standard,Where is Yunlo??”Lin Feng suddenly smiled and asked。
“I am in listening.。”Lin Tong’s indifferent voice came from the empty,His figure quickly disappeared in the small courtyard。
Lin Fengxin hit a sentence,This Nima is awkward.。
Scream,Still adapt to the environment here as soon as possible,I immediately walked into the bedroom,There is a suit in the bedroom.,His figure walked up and took this piece of clothes slightly lost。
“Actually a silk made!”
Lin Feng touched this dress slightly surprised,And this silk is better than the Tang family’s silkworm gloves.。
We immediately looked at this room,This room is empty。
“I don’t know if she is here.?”Lin Feng’s figure came to the small courtyard to look at the void mutter,Her heart is not missing to Miss Dongfang Yin。
“I am based on this northwest city as soon as possible.。”Lin Feng mysterical,Where is the same,Power。
No strength can only be squeezed like a grasshopper,With strength to explore the trace of Dongfangyin,Looking for her。
Just when Lin Feng comes,A voice came from outside the door:“Thunding brother?”
Standing with a fat man with a fat head,Wear a guard service。
“Newcomer。”Lin Feng smiled and went up:“Also ask this brother to take care of。”
“rest assured,Blend,Brother is willing to cover you。”Fat 嘿 laugh:“My surname Tang,Tang Yingjun。”
“Tang Yingjun!”
Lin Feng heard a smile,Nima,Guise,This is not the same as the handsome。
“wipe,What are you laughing laughing。”Tang Yingjun a word:“Does the brother’s name does not match the hair??”
“conform to!”Lin Feng thumbs up:“Handsome brother,I will mix with you later.。”
“Say,Say。”Tang Yingjun laughs。
“Handsome brother,Please come in。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Your kid is quite talking。”Tang Yingjun is walking in a smile:“If you don’t understand, you can ask me.。”
“Handsome brother,Come,Drink a cup first。”Lin Feng smiled and sat down under the pavilion.,He directly took out the two jars.,And then directly open,Suddenly the wine is overflowing。
“Hey-hey,I am welcome.。”Tang Yingjun laughs,Between talks, you are welcome.,Directly captured a nice wine,Then I wake down and drink it.。
“Handsome brother,What history has this northwestern city??”Lin Feng asked with a smile。
“You really don’t know?”Tang Yingjun Wen Yan Yugui,Nima,Even the history of the Northwestern City does not know。
This is a problem that the northwestern city woman knows。