I was ready to come.,But was rejected by Spring.。

Small a Pudi,He also can’t escape his hand。
“cut,Hui Night is really too low.,Then let you see my strength.”Pudik。
Sail in the hands of the fish,Red silk hook with fish,That is shot to Springs。
Can you drag now?,If you come over, you will be troublesome.,This person should be her descendants who is hard to cultivate.。
Maybe she has been hurt by her peach.,Let this person。
“That’s it?”Sprite disdain。
His hand is blurred,I appeared in his chest,Then refer to a bomb。
Flying hook,As the fish line is bounced。
“Aesthetic action”Pu-style squinted。
But I want to block his attack like this.,how is this possible。
Space door open。
Fish line,Go directly into the space door,Then after the back of the spring, I also opened a space door.。
Fish hook。
Spring turned,Blue ten star eye。
Suddenly, the spatial door that has just appeared is twisted.。
And the spring lifted two fingers and clamped the fish hook.,A cutoff line floating,It turned out that the fish line has been distorted.。
Springs lost fish hook,The eyes are slightly sweeping。
Turn directly to a high leg,Kicking above the red fish。
It turned out that the Pu-style just turned,I have been close to the fish.。
His fish in his hand is also Chakra weapon。
But it was blocked by the springs.。
“Spatial cutting capacity,It seems that your ability is very special.,No wonder, you will send you.”
“I have too nonsense.”
Springs feet,Ball the fish,The body appears in front of the Pu style。
Then it is a knee。
And there is a pair of blue rounded eyes in the eyes of the Pu style.,Then when I was kicked by Spring,It became a bunch of red zoise cranes。
“Oh,Spatial transfer capacity”Spring discovered space fluctuations。
This is the ability to instantly transfer your body.。