Then Spring is in the hotel.,In addition to eating,Decons in the room every day,It is not boring.。

“Boast,Spring,That adult arrived”
It is the voice of uncle, wood village。
Spring cleaned up,Finally,I don’t know what the future cultivation is like.。
Spring, I saw the waiting wooden village.。
After passing out,Wooden village has come to a small pub.。
“Mute,Come with me to drink two cups”A mature female voice comes from the buse。
At this time, Spring will be determined.,His guiding teacher is the legendary master of the princess。
“Adult,There are too many spends in your recent.,We still save some points.”A young female voice sounds。
The spring and the Village also walked into the tall.。
Then I saw a drunken mature woman.,Positive glass wine glasses in drinking。
I still stand on a nervous young female ninja with a pink piglet holding a pink piglet.。
Quan Wei and the Village come in and also caught the attention of the two。
“This is not the money to send money.”The program has been drinking a wine.。
“Adult,I followed the spring.,Spring is given to you in the future.,This is a little bit of a family”Wooden Village rushed to hand in the box,Then open,Put it in front of the board。
Fashionable dog legs。
Spoof,This character is really bad,你就不能说得委婉点嘛。
第一章 怒龙
“别,I haven’t admitted you yet.,If you look at the old head to support me for so long?,I don’t want to care about you.”The apeer is obviously not looking at the eyes.。
Spring is also angry,Who is willing to come?,My money is all spent.,Hell to respect me.。
“Spring is still very excellent,The score in the ninja school has been very good.”Wood Village said。
“Oh,Yes,But what is the ninja school learned?,小鬼,You show me”
Opened wine glass,Ready to drink again。
The knife is flashing。
The cut wine glasses fell on the table with drinks.。