After hearing,She faintly got a big man in front of the front party,Shake the shaking head,“Unnecessary,These are some small characters that do not enter the stream,They can’t get the gathering。”

Toned,She said softly,“And I suspect,Message of the star disconeding,Not necessarily true。”
This sentence,Big Han face,“Miss is meaningful to solve the news,There is no purpose?”
“Yes,The news of the gathering dial is very sudden,I will spread it.,Obvious is very abnormal,I don’t think it is my own idea.,Many people are so,They are also in the dark.,Guess。And these people are to explore the road。”
“But if it is true??”The face of the big man flashed a journey to try,“If we can get a first step,Just return to the lotus,No one can compete with us.。”
Lotus,Ancient Wame School inherited for a long time,It is also a big school that can compile with Shaolin Wudang Kunlun.。
It is a mysterious and low-key martial art.。
“If it is really a gathering disk,We are of course,And be sure to get。”
Merely,Women’s cold faces have a touch of proud,“But now you need to wait and see,Uncharged action,At least to understand the truth behind this。”“Wait, then,This will soon expose,I believe that some people will drive behind them.。”
NS844chapter You all stay.
Summer coffee house。
Bright light。
Just at this moment,More than 20 people gathered in the hall of the coffee house。
They looked around,Sneer,Discuss。
“Coffee house?hehe!Even I have been three years in this public world.,But I never drink coffee,That is garbage。”
“Ha ha,I have heard that there is someone who knows the fall of the star disc.,Allocate,You are the same.,Ha ha!I don’t know if I am really, I said the boss.,What is it?,I’d like coffee。”
Summer solve,Horn hooked together,Like laugh, not laughing, looking at everyone。
Liu Qingqing is tightly relying on the summer side,Why,Her inner is a dishody。
She naturally knows this coffee house。
Not long ago, she had a summer and another woman in the moon and Qinling.。
Liu Qingqing remember,That woman is very beautiful,Eastern women’s charm,There are also deep extensions。
Da da da。
Just thinking about her cranky,Quite rhythmic footsteps。
Go to the sound,Stair corner walks a woman wearing white sportswear。
She is tall,Be a mood,If,眸 水,A thick brunette pour in both shoulders,Beauty suffocating,There is another kind of imitation and child。
See her,Liu Qingqing pupil,Lookout,Aim。
“This store is not open now,Please leave.。”
Xianti came,Cold and cold look at these people。
She naturally knows what they come here because,Su Ling is upstairs。
Xianti understands a truth before a long time,Think about what to get,I must also have to pay。
But she still didn’t think,These people come so fast,The goal is so clear。
“what?Do not open?Then what store you open??”A wretched guy is clear,“Less nonsense,Hurry to give your grandfather。”