Barreiros still attaches great importance to Horse,After a few words of concern, let Horse sit down and eat。

Of course Horth would not refuse,Sit down,Eat meat while drinking,Quickly recover your physical strength and injuries。
The night slowly falls,The pirates are still talking freely in laughter and laughter,Just ransacked a small town,They have enough supplies to splurge。
As an honest producer in his previous life,I don’t have any good feelings for this group of people,Feel free to deal with two sentences after eating and leave。
He came to a remote place alone。
Don’t rush the preparation work,Continue tomorrow during the day,What he has to do now is to maximize his control of the body,Exert more physical strength。
Take out your own saber,All the memories from before appear,Hoth started practicing the knife at the same rhythm as before。
Huo Si is very careful,Also think hard,I want to fully display my strength。
that’s it,One night passed,Huo Si has strong control over the body。
“Fortunately, I have a complete memory,Otherwise, the overtime dog in my previous life could not have such strength!”
One night time,Huo Si is confident that he can play 90% of his peak strength,Enough for the rest。
As long as you don’t directly meet those cadre-level masters。
The preparations are not complicated,Hoth found two sailors who could sail and a pirate who could simply sail.,Just found a reason,Let them drive a small boat to take themselves to the beach on the north of the island。
Before the boat ran aground,Horth knocked them all out,Then tied up。
“This is the back of the escape,Prepare like this first,Food and simple medicine are enough for a month’s sailing!”
Escape from the island is a must,It doesn’t matter if you get the fruits of the operation or not。
Done all this,The sky has slowly dimmed,It’s winter,The day is not long。
Watching night fall,Horse is not in a hurry,It is impossible for him to grab the fruits of the operation,Can only wait for the arrival of Corazon。