First30chapter Join the elite camp

After the school officer at the gate,Leo and Green Bull travel smoothly,Soon I came to an independent place like a courtyard。
“This new barracks is really big,I’m afraid there are thousands of recruits!”
He had learned this from the three school officers on the ship,The new barracks usually have three to five thousand people undergoing half-year training at the same time。
And the youth academy will be much less,More than a hundred people。
As for the best elite camp, there are only a dozen people,Each one belongs to the hottest naval star。
Leo went to where the elite camp was,It’s very empty around,Can’t see people at all。
Just at this time,Leo suddenly moved his eyes,Looked at the side wall。
With Leo’s question,Zefa walked out slowly:“Not bad,Even within the navy, we didn’t let our guard down!”
“Zefa!”Leo respectfully said。
“Call me teacher from now on,I will guide you to become stronger in the next period of time!”
“Yes,Teacher Zefa!”Leo still stands respectfully。
Zefa came to Leo’s side:“I don’t know what you went through in your early years,But since joining the navy,Then there is no need to beware everywhere,The navy has its own unspoken rules,Even if you rebel against the navy,You are safe until you get the order,So no need to beware!”
Leo’s eyes tightened,Zefa actually said this to him?Rebel against the navy?This is what the general should say?
Zefa seems to see Leo’s thoughts,Not much to say,I just patted Leo gently on the shoulder。
“Don’t think too much,As long as you show enough strength,The world doesn’t want to be your enemy!”
It’s hard for Leo to imagine that such a rough face hides such tenderness and delicateness.。