Yu Zhe no more questions,Lying in bed looking at the ceiling,Resolutely have lingering fears about that nightmare。

In that dream,He thinks it has been more than ten years,But I woke up and found that only four days have passed。
It’s hard for him to understand why he in his dreams would say to be careful when the curtain falls,But if you carefully connect everything that happened recently,He seems to be affected by the fall of the time in a subtle way
But he made all the decisions,The fall of time is just a inducement,Even if he crossed the bottom line,Killed a non-target character,But it is a bit far-fetched to put the blame on Shi Muluo。
He tried hard to recall some details in his dream,But that is a dream after all,After waking up, the content inside will gradually become blurred,Even some memory deviation。
But the last question he was asked in his dream,But he remembered clearly、
“Why do you fall in love with Shi Muluo。”
why……Yu Zhe tried hard to remember but puzzled,He doesn’t even know when he felt this way。
quickly,Shi Twilight brought all the tools Maureen needed,Yu Zhe took the opportunity to look at her,Although it’s not a peerless beauty,But her warm smile that has almost never changed can still infect his heart,and……
Yu Zhe recalled being in the basement,Shi Mu Luo Fei ran into Ah Zhuo who shot at him,Or confront an enemy who is dozens of times stronger than her in the secret tunnel,Those scenes made the weak-looking girl a touch of heroism。
Plus the calmness she always carries,Or the wisdom revealed in the eyes while chatting……Everything seems to have become the cause of his obsession。
Shi Muluo still goes to shop,Had to bid farewell to Yu Zhe and Ma Lin,Before leaving,He even turned his head back naughty and made a kiss,Seems to be in a particularly good mood。
Only Maureen is left in the room, Yu Zhe,have to say,Maolin is really skilled,The only downside is,When he re-stitched the wound,Did not use any anesthetics,So that Yu Zhe can only grit his teeth,Won’t be called out。
“No……Is there no anesthetic?……”Taking advantage of the gap between Maureen changing tools,Yu Zhe asked weakly。
“It’s not that easy to buy……”Ma Lin gave Yu Zhe a white look,Seems to be ridiculing how stupid his question is,“And I haven’t touched anesthetics in more than ten years,So I don’t know what other medicines are, I will stock up some spare parts,I’m going to use it suddenly now I definitely don’t have time to prepare,Just bear it。”
Just finished,Maureen has no room for Yu Zhe,Go straight to the wound,Yu Zhe almost couldn’t help yelling out,Fortunately, the sound hasn’t completely come,He just swallowed it back。
Yu Zhe strongly suspects that Ma Lin is avenging his personal revenge。
Fortunately, the whole process did not last too long,Ten minutes later,Maureen packed up,Whispered:“All right。”
Yu Zhe felt that it had been a century-long experience,He even felt that when he was stabbed, it was not as painful as it is now.。