So loud,Fist left,Sweep his right foot straight towards Brother Qiang and hold the hands of the pig knife。

Brother Qiang saw Xia Jian suddenly show off,Head tilted slightly,Want to avoid Xia Jian’s left fist,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to make a false move,Just when Brother Qiang was stunned for a while,Xia Jian’s feet have been swept onto his hands,Just listen,The pig knife was kicked and flew out,Glide on the cement floor for a long time。The crowd watching from a distance could not help but exclaim。
Brother Qiang only felt that his right wrist was kicked off by Xia Jian,He grinned,A little frightened。
“Wang Qiang,It’s you making trouble again,Do you want to go in again”With a mess of footsteps,Sister Cuilian ran over with two policemen。Xia Jian discovered,Sister Cuilian was out of his sight for a while。
Scarface hurriedly picked up the pig knife on the ground,Ran back to the store,Where did the police see,Just pretend not to see the same。
Brother Qiang is breathing in,Said to which two policemen accompanied the smiley face:“Director Chen misunderstood,Nothing,I just played with this little brother,I didn’t expect I was injured”
The police called Director Chen walked between Xia Jian and Brother Qiang,Said with a serious face:“Here is my jurisdiction,You, Wang Qiang, better not mess around,Where did you get registered,What should I do,Don’t need me to talk about it!”
“Yes,I know”Brother Qiang said and waved to the store,Scar face which piece of meat is holding in both hands,There are zero notes ran out。Sister Cuilian looked a little panicked and collected the meat and money。
That’s it?This is how the police deal with problems,No matter what?
Just when Xia Jianzheng wondered,Director Chen walked to Xia Jian,Patted his shoulder twice with his hand and whispered:“Young man,Accept it when you see it!This guy is a desperado,Luckily you stopped him today,Change someone else,I dare not think about the consequences”
The police said so,Xia Jian feels that there is no need to go further,Moreover,I am not hurt,What other broken furniture,This Wang Qiang is nothing good and he didn’t get it。
A vegetable market,Sister Cuilian walks fast,For fear that Wang Qiang and the others will catch up again。
“sister,Go slower,There is still time”Xia Jian while walking,Moving arms,Then I felt that there were several hurts on the body,Maybe I was too nervous just now,Feel nothing。
Look after going far away,Sister Cuilian found a shady place on the roadside,A little unhappy to say:“Before I came out from home,Just listen to my Liu Qiang,Your kid doesn’t learn well,Fight all day long,Don’t even go to school,I still don’t believe it,See you today,Sure enough,I shouldn’t leave you on the construction site”Sister Cuilian turned her face to the side angrily。