Everyone was in despair,But happy together,After being bullied,I met Li Tianzheng fighting in a barbeque stall again,So worshipped him as the big brother,Big brother became the backbone of the brothers,To save A Xing,Fight with loan sharks,The time together in the Internet cafe is short and unforgettable。

Afterwards, many things were blurred,Because elder brother has been missing for a while,A Xing also sent away to avoid the enemy,When Big Brother comes back to the Village in the City,That place is going to be demolished,Finally, the older brother took everyone to Fukuyama。
I really regret not informing Depp and Lan Mao on the day of the accident.,If you can bring them out,Have a companion,I will feel more at ease,Don’t know how they are now?All escaped?
Everything is really a dream,The bed bug woke up suddenly,There are still tears in the corner of my eyes,to be exact,He was awakened suddenly,There seems to be a noise outside。wrong,Is urgency,Bed bugs feel uncomfortable holding the bladder,Special,This farmyard,At night, I have to go to the bathroom outside the house,Annoying thinking about it。
The bug gets up reluctantly,Sleepy eyes out of the room,Especially dark tonight,I can’t even see a moon,Don’t mention the stars,I’m afraid it’s a big cloudy day,Only then did I really realize what it means to not see my fingers in the countryside。
The yard is unusually quiet,what?wrong,At the door‘Three Forts’Where are you going?Bed bug rubbed his eyes vigorously,Make sure you are not mistaken,The door is empty,There is indeed no figure,But the night is arranged for the night。
Sleep at night,Although the gate of the compound is bolted,But according to Peng Weihua,There must be brothers on guard at night,Bed bugs personally schedule,There are not many people in the Communist Party,Impression can’t be wrong,Yes‘Three Forts’。
Nima’s,Where did this dead man go??
The bug whispered straight to the side room,A few caring brothers are sleeping in it,estimate‘Three Forts’This guy also hides back and is lazy。
But not a few steps,He suddenly heard a noise in the wood shed not far away,Although the sound is very low,But it is still very obvious in the silent night。
It doesn’t seem strange,Duan Guinan is closed inside,Turn over occasionally,There are also hum,But this guy dare not scream,Scared of being beaten。But the sound just now didn’t sound like turning over in the haystack,Bed bugs stop,Suddenly tense,Could a thief break in?Or the police,Or a gunman sent by Xie Dabao?
at this time,There was also a noise outside the courtyard,Chuckle,Like footsteps,this late,Who would come to this place where birds don’t shit?The bedbug fought a cold war smartly,Turn around and run to my room,There is a pistol under the pillow,Take it in your hands and be bold。