Doctor Lu nodded and said:“This is a must,It can’t be as much as they say。I thought about it like this,A line of conventional equipment is definitely not less。As for which large equipment,We don’t need to be in place all at once”

“Wait for the hospital to open,Based on demand,Let’s do some more,In this case,Can relieve financial pressure,dont you agree?”Doctor Lu laughed and said。I can see that this old man is in a very good mood。
Just when Wang Youcaizheng was discussing this with Doctor Lu,His phone rang。It was Niu Huiling’s call,Wang Youcai quickly connected。
“Hey!Rich,I’m at the hotel。Then come here quickly!Let’s eat at the restaurant on the second floor of the hotel,This will be a lot more convenient”One call,Niu Huiling smiled and said to Wang Youcai。
When Wang Youcai heard that Niu Huiling was so happy,He smiled and said:“Well!Doctor Lu and I will rush over in a while,You hurry up”
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai urged Dr. Lu to put on a new suit,They just took a taxi to the hotel where Niu Huiling lived。
First2388chapter admire
Women are exquisite。When Niu Huiling came to the restaurant,I just took a shower,I still have a fragrance on my body。
As soon as she sat down,Wang Youcai solemnly introduced Niu Huiling and Doctor Lu to each other。Wang Youcai faintly felt,Niu Huiling looks down on Doctor Lu,This makes him extremely upset。
This woman is a good business man,It’s just that she looks down on people’s faults is her big shortcoming。While eating,Wang Youcai deliberately treated Doctor Lu with respect,This makes Niu Huiling frown from time to time。
Be careful with Wang Youcai,Finally finished this meal。What he fears most is if Niu Huiling collides with Doctor Lu in language,The old man lost his temper when he lost his temper,This is a big trouble for him。
Back to the hotel dining room,The three people sat down around the coffee table。Wang Youcai glanced at Niu Huiling,Then smiled and said to Doctor Lu:“My second sister-in-law seems to be unable to sleep at night,Doctor Lu, why don’t you show it??”
Wang Youcai’s meaning is clear,He just wants Doctor Lu to calm Niu Huiling through his superb medical skills,It seems this woman knows,People are not to be seen。
Wang Youcai speaks out,Niu Huiling said with a cold smile:“forget it!The experts and professors in the province of my disease are useless,Besides, I don’t trust Chinese medicine much”
What Niu Huiling said made Wang Youcai quite embarrassed。If this is for someone else,He has to scold him well.,But this Niu Huiling didn’t dare。
Doctor Lu took a look at Niu Huiling,Then he took a breath and said:“I don’t care if you believe in Chinese medicine,I just know,You can’t sleep every night,But I can’t get up again at dawn。And you get angry often,Not only the stool is not smooth,More importantly, the temper is getting worse”
That’s it for Doctor Lu,Then stopped。Niu Huiling said with a cold smile:“People who can’t sleep at night,It should be all like this!”
“How about this!You let me give you a pulse,Symptoms on your body,I will list them for you one by one”Doctor Lu is complacent,Very confident。
Niu Huiling still hesitates,Wang Youcai takes a look,Immediately persuaded:“Just try it!In case your disease is cured,Isn’t this a good thing”