Wang Youcai fiercely pushed away the two beauties in his arms,Yelled:“You are not tight?Then why do you want to grab your parents’ pension money?”

Wang Youfa didn’t expect that Wang Youcai would mention this in a place like this,He is also angry。He rushed up with the alcohol,Said viciously:“Wang Youcai!Don’t go too far,I’m your big brother,Did you treat Big Brother like this??”
“Hahahaha!My Wang Youcai doesn’t have a big brother like you。When i’m inside,You took my second brother to get you my money but wentSZ,I will never forget this in my life“Wang Youcai may have drunk too much,So he is also very angry。
Song Fang sees it,Then he laughed and said:“Alright!Stop biting your dog, you two。Men have nothing good,Same to you,Just know playing with women“
Song Fang laughed wildly,Step into the air,Plop and fell in the tunnel。Wang Youfa took a look,Also take care of a lot,After all this woman is with him。He ran over in panic,Helped up Song Fang,Two people went into the elevator。
At this moment Wu Wu rushed over with a few people,He said loudly:“boss,Do you want to teach this kid??“
“Teach a fart,He is my brother,I recognized it clearly“Wang Youcai said loudly。Wu Wu hurriedly responded,As the saying goes,Blood is thicker than water,Break the bones and connect the tendons,Maybe that’s what it means!
A cold breeze,Song Fang was completely drunk,She cursed Wang Junli indiscriminately,Calling her child’s name。I sometimes call Xia Jian’s name,This makes Wang Youfa’s heart itch with hatred。
Not far from Beauty International,There happens to be an express hotel,Wang Youfa helped Song Fang to open the room。Fortunately, opening a house in the middle of the night is easier。
As soon as entering the room,Song Fang began to take off her clothes,It may be that alcohol started to work in her body。But Wang Youfa still admires the woman’s drinking。She almost drank half a catty of liquor,After that, she drank more than ten bottles of beer from a woman,It’s weird if you say you are not。
Song Tuo threw his jacket on the ground one by one,Then he walked on the carpet with his bare feet.,She’s still walking,What’s in your mouth。
Wang Youfa watched for a while,He can’t stand it anymore,Waited more than a year,He finally waited for this opportunity,How can he waste it in vain。
Took off his clothes,Wang Youfa rushed over like a hungry beast,Put Song Fang down on the big bed。The drunk woman tossing around,Actually I don’t have much strength。Under three or two, Wang Youfa subdued her,Undulating on the soft big bed,Gradually, there was a gasp of mixed men and women。
First0741chapter Forced out
Venture Group,After Xia Jian’s vigorous rectification,Basically back to the original track。But in terms of funding,There is still a big hole,This pit cannot be filled in one day,Xia Jian felt that he couldn’t feel at ease for a day。
Seeing that the time limit for agreeing to pay others Beiwei Group is about to come,But where does the money come from!Just when Xia Jian was sitting at his desk worrying,Wang Lin knocked on the door and walked in。
“President Xia!Which of Beiwei Group’s money has a four-day deadline,If the money is not in place,He Wei is a great character,As long as she moves a little bit from it,It’s not easy for our startup group”When Wang Lin came in, she reminded Xia Jian。