Zhao Dabao“Hehe”Two fake sneers:

“Advise me?Hehe,No need to advise。Lin boss,Give you a chance,Immediately release Kunshan to me all heads and tails,There is still room for discussion on this matter。otherwise···”
“Or something?Buddies,Are all mixed,Needless to say so cruel,Today you let go,My black panthers are all connected。”Lin Song yelled without showing weakness。
Although his veins are held in the hands of the opponent,Black Leopard Lin Song really doesn’t care much。He really doesn’t believe it,On one-third of one acre of land,Can make this gang upset?
Listening to the black leopard screaming,Zhao Dabao’s face sank slightly,Shouted loudly:
“it is good,Since you black leopard can’t see the yellow river, don’t give up。Xia Di,Smash me!”
Zhao Dabao’s order,Brother Xia standing nearby,Start to execute the order。
When the black leopard was controlled by Zhao Dabao,Brother Xia seems to understand Brother Bao’s hard work——
Not to stop,But to catch the thief first。
When Zhao Dabao’s“Smash”When the rhyme of the word is still flying in the box,Xia Di’s iron stick is round,Hit hard
Those two bottles of limited edition wine on the table。
Early to see these two bottles of limited-selling wine is not pleasing to the eye,Zhao Dabao give an order,Xia Di first started with these two expensive bottles of wine。
Xia Di’s idea is also very simple,Now,Of course what is expensive,What happened。
till this moment,The most expensive in the box should be these two bottles of limited-selling wine。
Moreover,Didn’t Brother Bao make a request?,Not let us high school students drink。Since I can’t drink,Why not smash it。
High price,Still can’t drink,That’s it,Smash it、The most exciting。
Brother Xia smashed this way,The eighth middle school students can follow suit。
Especially when I saw Xia Di’s iron rod,Actually started directly on foreign wine。
All the students are learning,I’m scrambling to start with the beverage mineral water in front of me。Even female classmates waved iron bars,Smashed the juice in front of you。
I saw that the other party actually smashed it,Black Leopard has two eyes,Shouting with a fierce face: