”Oh!That’s it!Are we fate??“

”I,I go to work every day from here,Where is fate!I go first,Something else!“
”Don’t,Wait for me,I will go with you!“
”What’s going on!Don’t be like a worm!“I hung up after speaking,I was afraid that he would run out。
”Hey,Not right!I ran,What to do with the car key!“Halfway through and found that the logic was wrong,Isn’t the bicycle key still here?。So I ran back。
Just ran to,I found that Xu Yang was already downstairs。
”Damn,Are you reluctant to bear me,Back again!“
”Oh,I just forgot the key!“
”Little confused!Where are you going!“
”Humph,Where am I going to be with you Mao,“I ignored him and ran away,Humph,agreed,Not going with you!Must be broken,Completely cut off!
The people behind stared at the hurriedly fleeing figure and whispered softly“Hee,I won’t let you run away from me。Never think!“
”Hey?What did i just say?Why did Xiaoxi run away and wait for me?!“The personality change of the standing person,No one found anything,Including himself!
“Forget it,I don’t know why I have a conflict with me recently,Also said to break up,Sure enough, what I said on the Internet is right,Women are fickle。Forget it,See you tomorrow!Coax her well,Hehe。“Said Wan turned and walked into the stairwell。
To the most advanced supermarket,Xiaoxi,Bought white fungus and lotus seeds,Lily,And dried longan, red dates and lychees。A big bag of things,These things are not expensive,My mother simmered longan and red dates for my father before,But she never wanted to eat it herself。I went to the pharmacy and bought some,Medicinal materials such as wolfberry, astragalus, angelica,This medicine is expensive!Cost me more than two hundred yuan。I can’t afford Ejiao, and now Ejiao is not as expensive as in my previous life。I remember the first time I bought Fubao Ejiao in my previous life,on600I will increase the price after I buy it900Up,If I buy it now, it’s only five or six hundred,Also cost-effective,I turned around and asked the price of Ejiao!
”Hello there,I want to ask Gillian’s price“Watch me go out and come back,Know that I just bought a lot of money,The service attitude of the aunt at the counter is also very good。
”Xiaogu Liang,Gillian is not for you,Too small not suitable for too supplement。“
”Ha ha,Aunt,I sold it to my mother,The ones I bought for my parents,I know I can’t eat!“