Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Two Crack
but,Who is Zhao Dabao?,The mental power is a real person。
When this kid flicked Wu Weiguang,By the way, there is a bit of mental confusion。
With Zhao Dabao’s powerful spiritual power,I want to guide the mental power of ordinary people,That is thinking and ideas,Not easy yet。
It’s like hypnosis,Ordinary people can put people to sleep by using hypnotism,Not to mention our wicked acquired real people。
that’s it,Under Zhao Dabao’s intentional guidance,Wu Weiguang and a bunch of spectators ran away with this product。
Wu Weiguang, the deputy sales manager at this time, stood sluggishly on the spot,After contacting the meaning of your name,Wu Weiguang’s mind is a little confused。
After graduating from university,Tuyuan Real Estate Group that Wu Weiguang entered,It can be said that it has grown with Tuyuan Real Estate Group。
But somehow,Wu Weiguang’s promotion path is relatively bumpy。
Compared with several other colleagues who entered the company together,His promotion is relatively slow。
Of course,There are also promotion speeds that lag behind him。
It’s just that those who are behind him leave the Tuyuan Group,Find another way out。
And among the remaining colleagues,Wu Weiguang’s road to promotion belongs to the tail of the crane——the last place。
At this time, I think of the problem of name-injury that Zhao Dabao just mentioned.,Can he not panic??